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Slick and Stylish Skateboarding Game, The Ramp, Available Now

Developer Paul Schnepf, aka Hyperparadise, has announced that his “digital skateboarding toy” game, The Ramp, is available on Steam right now.

Paul Schnepf is the co-founder of Grizzly Games, a development studio well known for making relaxing titles for a bargain price. Islanders, one of their most popular titles, currently sits at an Overwhelming Positive score on Steam. 95% of its incredible 12,310 reviews are positive. Their other title, Superflight, sits at a similarly high score. Now, Paul Schnepf, under the nom de plume “Hyperparadise,” is releasing his debut solo title, The Ramp. Speaking about The Ramp, Schnepf says that while it’s always scary releasing a final product, he hopes players will enjoy it.

It’s always scary releasing your work into the world, but I’m super happy with how this one came out […] It’s a small game, but I hope The Ramp can become your happy place!

Paul Schnepf ~ Hyperparadise

You can check out the game’s trailer here.

The Ramp In-game Screenshot
The Ramp In-game Screenshot

What Is The Ramp?

The Ramp is a skateboarding game that its developer describes as a “digital skateboarding toy”. Essentially, it is a relaxed skateboarding title that aims to capture skateboarding “in its purest form.” Players will be able to explore four unique levels and perform various tricks. The idea is to chill out and enjoy the flow in this easy-to-learn but hard-to-master title. It feels reminiscent of a game I reviewed a while back called Lo-fi Ping Pong. Here’s some of what you can expect in The Ramp:

  • Enjoy a “stripped-back experience” that aims to give players a relaxed skateboarding experience
  • Free roam around four unique levels, each one designed to accommodate different tricks
  • There are no points, levels, or unlockables. This is truly a game about chilling out and enjoying some skateboarding
  • Listen to a “chilled-out” soundtrack while you skate away
  • “Chill out, do tricks, and look damn cool.”
The Ramp Gameplay In-game Screenshot
The Ramp Gameplay In-game Screenshot

Release Date & Price

The Ramp is available right now on Steam. You can pick it up for $5.99/ €4.99 or your regional equivalent. Head on over to its Steam store page to pick it up.

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