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Sky: Children Of The Light Coming To Nintendo Switch This June

Developer, thatgamecompany, has announced that their hit social adventure title, Sky: Children of the Light, is getting a Nintendo Switch port, coming this June.

After yesterday’s Indie World Showcase, I was sure we wouldn’t get any more Nintendo Switch announcements. Lo and behold, Sky: Children of the Light is coming to the platform this year. Sky: Children of the Light is a mobile social adventure game by the developers of Journey and Flower. Since its launch back in 2019, it has gone on to receive multiple accolades including Apple’s ‘iPhone Game of the Year’, Google Play’s ‘Best of 2020’ Award, SXSW’s ‘Mobile Game of the Year’, Game Developers Choice Awards’ ‘Audience Award’, among others. It currently stands at 4.4 on the Google Play Store, with over 500,000 reviews. Its huge popularity on the mobile market has made it a shoo-in success for the Nintendo Switch.

What Is Sky: Children Of The Light?

Sky: Children of the Light is a social adventure game that focuses on compassion, friendship and altruism, not only within the game world but with its own communities. In 2020, the game’s fanbase raised $1 million USD for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) during one of the in-game events. Similarly to their previous efforts, this is a multiplayer game about connecting with others on a deeper emotional level. Think Journey but on a bigger scale. Here’s just some of what you can expect when it launches this June:

  • A free-to-start experience in which you can encounter and socialise with players from all across the world
  • Fly through 7 unique dreamlike worlds and uncover the mystery surrounding them
  • Experience the stories of colourful new characters whenever a new adventure season or event starts
  • Customise your character to best express yourself
  • Team up with other players and delve deep within the darker realms to save spirits and discover ancient treasures
  • Share gifts of light with friends and strangers alike to build friendships and show your appreciation
  • Enjoy the frequent updates, events and expansions that build upon a magical world
Sky: Children of the Light - Gameplay
Image Credit – thatgamecompany

Release Date & Price

Sky: Children of the Light launches onto the Nintendo Switch this June. While no price has been announced as of yet, the game is free on mobile platforms, at least to start with. It is likely it will be free on the Nintendo Switch as well. They have confirmed that “additional details on the release will be announced between now and launch day”. So, expect more information soon. What are your thoughts on Sky: Children of the Light? Are you excited it is coming to the Nintendo Switch? Let us know down in the comments below.

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