Skull and Bones: What Items to Sell & Where

Skull and Bones allows an immersive pirating experience as players plunder other ships for rewards and items, but what should you sell and where?

Skull and Bones requires players to plunder ships in order to gather materials and resources to sell. All to use to their advantage. However, players may find it challenging to determine exactly what they should sell and where to sell it. If you’re struggling, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Below, we discuss what players should sell and where in Skull and Bones.

What to Sell in Skull and Bones

The best items to sell in Skull and Bones are Commodity Items, as the sole purpose of these items is to be sold. There are many different discoverable items in Skull and Bones and the best way to determine if an item is a Commodity Item is to look at the item’s description. There, you’ll find out whether the item is listed as a Commodities.

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It should be noted that players should not sell items such as ship-building resources, food, ammunition, and furniture. This is due to each of these items being valuable resources to keep your ship and crew in top condition as you explore Skull and Bones.

Where to Sell Items in Skull and Bones

Items can be sold at Traders and Vendors in Skull and Bones. Saint Anne has an abundance of Traders players can sell items to, and Vendors can be found on your travels at sea. It should be noted that some Commodity Items are required for Side Missions in Skull and Bones. It would be beneficial for players to check if the Commodity Item they are about to sell is needed before selling it to a Trader or Vendor.

Skull and Bones Ship
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Players should be aware that Skull and Bones has a trading system shown with arrows. When the arrow is green and pointing up when selling your items, the item is being sold at a higher price. However, if the arrow is red and pointing down, the item will be at a lower price. This means players should sell their items when the arrow is green and pointing upwards to get the most money out of their items.

That’s everything you need to know about what items to sell and where to sell them in Skull and Bones. If you’d like to find more information like this about Skull and Bones, feel free to check out our Guide Hub.