Ship of Fools Lighthouse Update

Ship of Fools: Great Lighthouse Update Details

Team17 and Fika Productions are happy to announce the first content update for their co-op Roguelite game Ship of Fools.

Ship of Fools is a seafaring co-op game that was originally released on November 22, 2022. In the game, you play as the Fools, the only ones silly enough to brave the sea. The goal is to defend the Archipelago from the Aquapocalypse by manning the cannons, readying your sails and protecting your ship from sea monsters.

The game is built for co-op and inspired by modern classic roguelites. You can unlock new trinkets and artifacts as you progress through multiple runs.

Image Credit – Team17

What is the Great Lighthouse Update for Ship of Fools?

The Ship of Fools Great Lighthouse update is a free new content upgrade for all players on PC and adds new endgame content to the base game. The update sets the titular fools on a quest to restore the Great Lighthouse to its former glory.

The gameplay loop for the update is quite simple. You must activate a new brightness level on top of the lighthouse, which effectively increases the difficulty of the game. Next, you must beat the game with this brightness level active, and you will receive a unique reward, plus the next brightness level becomes available for purchase. There are 15 levels of brightness to the lighthouse, so you’ve got plenty of replayability.

Furthermore, the Great Lighthouse Update for Ship of Fools includes over 40 new items, new encounters, and a new NPC. The game’s developers hope that the update will keep players engaged and excited for the game’s continued development.

Additionally, the DLC pack, The Deep Sea Duo, featuring two new playable characters, is also available for purchase.

Ship of Fools: Deep Sea Duo DLC

What is the Ship of Fools Deep Sea Duo DLC?

The Ship of Fools Deep Sea Duo is a paid DLC available for purchase for owners of the game. The DLC introduces two new fools to the game by the names of Angus the Angler Fish and Jules the Diver.

Angus the Angler Fish has a bright future, but a dark past. Therefore, their Heirloom, Blinding Lure, reduces reflected projectile damage but adds pierce and homing on perfect timing. The other character available in the DLC is Jules the Diver, and she thrives under pressure. Their Heirloom is the Collector’s Magnet, which lets you scavenge a random trinket upon defeating a domain’s ruler.

The Deep Sea Duo pack is available on Steam for £3.99 /US$4.99/AU$7.95 for owners of the main game.

What Will The Next Free Update for Ship of Fools Release?

The next free update for Ship of Fools will release in September this year. This next round of updates will introduce more content for the base game, Steamdeck compatibility, and another character pack similar to the Deep Sea Duo DLC. Furthermore, in September, the Great Lighthouse update will also be made available on consoles.

In order to celebrate this addition, the game itself is now available with 20% off on Steam. Therefore, there is no better time to pick up the game. Ship of Fools is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

Ship of Fools Image Credit:  Team 17
Image Credit – Team17