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Murtop: An Affordable Retro Throwback – Nintendo Switch Review

Are you interested in playing a game where you control a rabbit that drops bombs and eliminates enemies? While it may not be a concept you’ve thought about previously, Murtop offers an exciting and entertaining gameplay experience. This distinctive arcade game merges elements from retro games like Bomberman and Dig Dug to create a fast-paced and thrilling challenge.

Murtop is a straightforward arcade game with no narrative. As the player, you assume the role of a rabbit that can drop bombs in the form of poop. Your goal is to achieve the highest score possible by navigating through each level, digging through the terrain, destroying enemies, and collecting carrots as rewards. I found the game to be intuitive and easy to understand, making it accessible to anyone who wants to jump right in and start playing, as arcade games are meant to be.

For those who grew up playing retro arcades or simple console games, Murtop will evoke a sense of nostalgia. The retro-style menu, scoring system, and basic graphics create an enjoyable and fuss-free experience reminiscent of classic games.

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“While the game is enjoyable, it may not hold your attention for very long when playing alone.”

Murtop is a simple arcade game that combines elements of Dig Dug and Bomberman. Players must navigate across the screen, dig underground, and destroy enemies within a time limit. The objective is to blow up all enemies on each level as quickly as possible while avoiding being caught by the enemies or being hit by objects thrown at you. The game’s fast pace and the sense of urgency added by the time limit and being chased by enemies create a thrilling rush and challenge that makes some levels difficult to navigate.

To destroy an enemy, you need to drop bombs on the path of the enemies and have them blow up along the vertical and horizontal paths from where the bomb was dropped, similar to Bomberman. However, you need to be careful not to get caught in the path of the explosion. The controls may take some getting used to, as the bomb drops one place behind the direction of the rabbit; naturally, out of its rear. However, this adds to the game’s challenge.

If you lose all three lives, your score will be saved and added to the game’s ranking system, but you can still continue playing and attempt to complete the 250 unique challenges without starting from the beginning. While some levels in Murtop may feel repetitive, the game is still worth a try, especially given its affordable price point.

While the game is enjoyable, it may not hold your attention for very long when playing alone. It made me feel the excitement and nostalgia of playing retro games in an arcade, but I just didn’t find this same enjoyment in playing at home on the Nintendo Switch. However, if you were competing for the highest score against friends on an arcade machine, the game could provide hours of entertainment.

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Murtop is Cheap and Affordable for Everyone

Murtop is fast-paced and fun for all ages and skill levels. Navigate the endless levels and unique challenges and try your luck against your friends and try to set the highest score you can. For US$4.99 this is a fun, very affordable game with plenty of gameplay to get your money’s worth. 

Murtop will also be available on Steam.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, code was provided by the Publisher.

Murtop Key Art
Murtop Review
Murtop is a simple arcade game that combines elements of Dig Dug and Bomberman. The game is fast-paced, challenging, and has a ranking system. While it may not hold attention for long when played alone, it is an enjoyable game that is affordable and worth a try.
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