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Wholesome Adventure Game, Shindig, Is Out Now On Steam And!

Developer Imaginary Friends Games have released their debut “home-grown, heartfelt indie adventure” game, Shindig, onto Steam and

Shindig is the debut game of the development duo Imaginary Friends Games. This wholesome adventure was reportedly created entirely in-house, or as the press release puts it, “literally in the couple’s home“. The couple designed all of the voices, sounds, art, and music. The game also features appearances from their two cats. According to the press release, Shindig was designed specifically to be an “evening-sized adventure“. So, for those looking for a more casual and wholesome experience, this may be what you’ve been looking for. One of the co-founders of Imaginary Friends Games, Martyn Maillardet, spoke about how it’s been their dream to finally branch out and make something of their own. You can watch the game’s trailer here.

We’ve spent years helping some amazing people make amazing games, all the while dreaming of one day making something ourselves. It’s been a long journey, but we’re immensely proud of what we’ve created together, and can’t wait for players to meet our imaginary friends!”

Martyn Maillardet ~ Imaginary Friends Games
Image Credit – Imaginary Friends Games

What Is Shindig?

Shindig is a short point-and-click adventure game all about cheering everyone up. Players will take on the role of the neighborhood’s “low-key hero” whose sole goal is to put on the best shindig possible. For those not in the know, a shindig is a fun, often large celebration. Basically, it’s a party. You’ll have to explore a vibrant island in order to gather everything you need to make the perfect party. So, get ready for a rambunctious adventure of optimism. Here’s some of what you can expect from Shindig:

  • Experience a laughter-packed adventure filled with memorable characters
  • Listen to the bop-stacked soundtrack as you make your way across the island
  • Customize your look from a range of skin tones and hairstyles, as well as select a character voice
  • Solve some light puzzles to collect everything you need for the party
  • Blast through the breezy, wholesome adventure in an evening and obtain the best kind of ending – the good one
  • Access the Closed Captions overlay option, which calls out many non-verbal sounds
Shindig - Gameplay
Image Credit – Imaginary Friends Games

Release Date & Price

Shindig is available right now on Steam and and costs $7.99/£5.79. However, it currently has a 15% off sale, which brings it down to $6.79/£4.92.

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