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Shin Ultraman Battles Kaiju In Cinemas This Summer

Shin Ultraman, a new Japanese film from the minds behind Shin Godzilla, is releasing in Japanese cinemas this Summer.

Hideaki Anno of Evangelion fame, and his co-director Shinji Higuchi, are teaming up once again to infuse the frantic, witty political satire genre with some more kaiju fun. They previously worked together on Shin Godzilla, creating a monster flick unlike any other. If the recent Godzilla Vs Kong trailer looked a little too formulaic for you, and you want to see big monsters getting torn apart by a giant superhero, then Shin Ultraman might just be the film for you.

The character of Ultraman isn’t a new one as he first appeared way back in 1966. He was the star of the show Ultraman: A Special-Effects Fantasy Series, a tokusatsu (a Japanese term for a live-action drama that makes use of special effects) that gained huge popularity in Japan. Ultraman has gone on to have his own manga series, anime series and a Netflix adaptation.

Shin Ultraman - Neronga
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Watching Shin Godzilla back in 2017 was by far one of my best cinema experiences, and at the time I was hoping for a follow-up. A movie about Ultraman battling giant Kaiju (we see two of his nemeses Gabora and Neronga show up in the trailer), while also poking fun at the Japanese government sounds like a lot of fun!

The film is set to release in Japanese cinemas this summer, but will likely come to the West in some shape or form. Whether that will be a DVD/Blu-ray release or a full-blown cinema release is yet to be seen.

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