Lord Scarab Farm WoW World of Warcraft The Game Crater

WoW Scarab Lord Farm: The Social Climate

The experience so far..

Currently, the AQ war effort has been open for almost a week, and the experience has been very intense and interesting. Initially, when the war effort began in vanilla WoW, I was level 30, so this has been pretty cool to experience the war effort as well as the Scarab Lord grind. The bug grind has been probably the biggest and most intense part so far, and it has brought a lot of things out of people, not all positive. There have been rumours of coalitions between factions, people being rude to other players, and much more.

The PVP Situation

I am currently playing in one of the biggest PVP servers in classic WoW. We all knew that alliances were going to be a big part of the event, but had no idea of the impact. what ended up happening is there were coalitions formed between alliance and horde guilds. This introduced situations where guilds would point at players and see hordes come out of nowhere to kill their competition. In my personal opinion, I find this practice a little scummy but to each its own.

Lord Scarab Farm WoW Classic World of Warcraft The Game Crater

Player Interactions

With many guilds farming the bug fragments, you see a lot of people at different times of the day. Some of these interactions are good, and some, not so much. I have personally met a bunch of cool people who are ok with the healthy competition and share the comradery of all working towards the Scarab Lord.

Like any competition, though, it sometimes gets ugly. There have been numerous people talking poorly and discouraging others, which does feel a bit disheartening. Fortunately, most of the interactions I’ve had have been positive. When you are out there farming bugs for hours on end, you are bound to strike up some conversation.

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The War Effort

Unfortunately, while many guilds are trying for Scarab Lord, it seems the War Effort has been put on the back burner. This has upset some guilds. Once the war effort has finished, a five day RP event ensues before the gong can be rung and the AQ gates open.

At the end of the day, I have been having an enjoyable, stress-free time with friends. I have heard stories of people who have quotas to meet, raid spots in question, and loot being held over them. Hardcore isn’t always the right choice, and sometimes playing for fun is better. I am fortunate to be in a relaxed and happy guild and play an awesome part in World of Warcraft history.