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Rise of the Ronin: Should You Meet With Taka or Katsura at the Consulate?

Choosing whether to meet with Taka or Katsura at the Consulate is a tough choice in Rise of the Ronin. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you which is the right choice.

Unlike Team Ninja’s other titles like Nioh 2 and Wo Long, Rise of the Ronin features choices for players to make in the game’s story. Many of these are essential and have significant outcomes, such as choosing between allying with the Pro or Anti-Shogunate. One of these stark choices comes when players must choose whether to meet Taka Murayama or Kogoro Katsura at the American Consulate. Luckily, the guide below explains which ally to meet outside the Consulate in Rise of the Ronin.

Should You Meet Taka or Katsura at the Consulate in Rise of the Ronin?

You should meet with Taka Muryama at the Consulate if you’re siding with the Pro-Shogunate faction. However, if you’re opting to support the Anti-Shogunate faction, then meet with Kogoro Katsura. Both characters represent their respective faction, and meeting them will help to boost favor with the side.

If you choose to meet Taka Muryama outside the Consulate you will earn the favor of the Pro-Shogunate faction. The Pro-Shogunate side aims to have Japan co-operate with the Western forces. In doing so, they will open up trade and Western influence to the nation of Japan. Meeting Taka at the Consulate will have players sneak in to stop the assassination of Townsend Harris.

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However, players also have the option of meeting Kogoro Katsura outside of the American Consulate as well. Choosing to help him will align you with the Anti-Shogunate faction. Katsura will require your assistance to assassinate Townsend Harris, the US diplomat within the American Consulate. The choice is vital as players must choose one faction or the other in the third act of Rise of the Ronin. Therefore, this choice will help to improve your relations with either side ahead of time and slowly begin on your path to the nation’s ultimate fate. However, each choice also comes with its own rewards.

What Are the Rewards for Meeting Taka or Katsura in Rise of the Ronin?

If you meet with Taka, you will receive three Silver Coins as a reward for completing the mission. However, if you meet with Katsura, you will be rewarded with an Exquisite Rifle. While the Exquisite Rifle is a great reward, getting those additional Silver Coins will get you on your way to unlocking some of the best armor and weapons in the game. It’s worth noting that no matter which choice you make, you’ll also earn the following rewards:

  • 1,300 coins
  • 25 Karma Points
  • x2 Exquisite Katanas
  • x1 Excellent Consumable
  • x1 Excellent Crafting Material

That is everything to know about who to meet at the Consulate in Rise of the Ronin. If you found this guide helpful and wish to see more, be sure to head over to the Guide Hub here.


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