Resident Evil 1: Returning to the Mansion That Started It All

During this drought of horror game releases, we’re taking the time to look back at one of horror’s most recognizable classics. We share what we love and what we don’t, and what makes Resident Evil 1, one of the first survival horror games, still worth playing even today.

We also discuss what we watched and played over the holiday break, so listen in for some great horror and non-horror recommendations. But for those looking for a recap of the horror movies I mentioned in the podcast, they were Mandy, Chopping Mall, and Black Christmas.

What is Digital Nightmares?

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Episodes will release bi-weekly on the second and last Friday of every month at 8 AM (US EST). Our next podcast is releasing on Feb. 11. Unfortunately, with Henry leaving the show and Ikai’s delay, we don’t have any material or hosts to put out a second episode this month.

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