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Octopath Traveler Meets Fire Emblem In Project Triangle Strategy

Project Triangle Strategy, a brand-new strategy game from Square Enix was announced at the Nintendo Direct today, looks to blend the visuals of Octopath Traveler with the gameplay of Fire Emblem!

I’ll say it now: this looks incredible! Project Triangle Strategy (fortunately its working title), is a brand-new turn-based tactics game from Square Enix. Dubbed the next game in the HD-2D series (a series of games that blend 2D sprites with 3D environments) this stunning tactics game looks to revolutionise the genre!

Project Triangle Strategy - Gameplay
Image Credit – Square Enix

This title is all about morality and decision making. It will feature an epic narrative that can change drastically all because of a single choice! There are multiple factions, a whole cast of anime-boys and girls and gorgeous environments that can be destroyed (YES!). There are also some intriguing looking vertical-based combat mechanics. This honestly looks like it could cure my Fire Emblem blues. The combination of the Octopath Traveler graphical style with the frantic turn-based combat could even dethrone the franchise and take the SRPG crown for itself!

Project Triangle Strategy doesn’t have a definite release date, but they have confirmed it’ll be launching sometime next year. However, there is a demo available right now! I pre-ordered Octopath Traveler based on its demo, so something tells me I’ll be pre-ordering this title too! Head on over to the Nintendo eShop right now to download Project Triangle Strategy’s Demo!

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