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PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset: Features and Pricing Details in Australia

Sony has teased their Pulse Elite wireless headset for months, and now, Australian consumers can order the new official headset.

The Pulse Elite should tick a few boxes for players looking for a PlayStation-compatible wireless headset. They have been advertised as having advanced sound technology, versatile connectivity options, user-friendly design, and robust battery life to enhance the gaming experience.

Pulse Elite: Release Date and Price in Australia

The Pulse Elite wireless headset for the PlayStation 5 is now available at a price of AU$239.95. Due to high demand, it features a sleek white design and is limited to one unit per order.

This headset is compatible with the PlayStation 5 console, PlayStation Portal remote player, PC, Mac, and mobile devices. You can order it in Australia through Amazon, EB Games, JB Hifi, and Big W.

New PlayStation 2024 Product Range (PlayStation Explore, PlayStation Elite, PlayStation 5 Slim)
New PlayStation 2024 Product Range (PlayStation Explore, PlayStation Elite, PlayStation 5 Slim)

Pulse Elite: Features Breakdown

Sound Quality

The PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset offers lifelike sound with planar magnetic drivers, reproducing soundscapes with ultra-low distortion. This allows players to hear the game exactly as the developers intended.

This technology ensures low latency wireless connection to your PS5 console, PC, Mac, and PlayStation Portal remote player.

AI-Enhanced Noise Rejection

The Pulse Elite headset, equipped with AI-enhanced noise rejection, actively captures clear voice while identifying, isolating, and removing unwanted noises.

Multi-Device Connectivity

It supports Bluetooth and can connect to two devices simultaneously, allowing users to stay in play while answering calls or enjoying music from a mobile device.

Ease of Use

The Pulse Elite headset includes easy-to-use controls for volume and mic mute, as well as a fully retractable microphone for convenience.

Battery Life and Charging

The headset offers up to 30 hours of battery life, with quick charging that provides up to 2 hours of battery life from a 10-minute charge. It includes a charging hanger for convenient storage and charging.


The PlayStation Pulse Elite headset is designed for comfort and features plush ear cups and a headband strap suspension with a light feel.

PlayStation Portal Remote Player Compatibility

It connects directly to the remote player via PlayStation Link technology, offering fast audio wherever Wi-Fi is available.

That’s all the features and pricing details you need to know about the now available PlayStation Pulse Elite headset in Australia. Ensure you secure your device as soon as possible, as we imagine these devices could go on backorder due to high demand. If you want to look at the other options, you can see information about the PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds here.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset and Packshot
PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset and Packshot