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Pine Releases Onto Epic Games Store, Free For First Week

Pine, the critically acclaimed open-world adventure game by Twirlbound has finally made its way over to the Epic Games Store and is free to keep for the next 7 days.

Yesterday, in a post on Twitter, Twirlbound, the developers of Pine, announced that the game had officially released on the Epic Games Store. Having recently released on PlayStation 4, much to the demand of players, Pine has practically launched on all platforms. Launching back in 2019, Pine found critical acclaim on PC but struggled to find an audience on Switch. However, thanks to the determination and frequent updates from the development team, Pine saw a complete overhaul on the Nintendo Switch. It has since garnered far more favourable reviews as a result.

Get Your Copy For Free

To celebrate the launch onto the Epic Games Store, Pine is currently free for all players to keep. This is a continued effort on Epic Games’ behalf to bring free games to their player base every single week. Recently it was revealed that Epic Games’ is losing upwards of $330 million in unrecouped costs. This is thanks to its exclusivity deals and the “minimum guarantees” it doles out to developers to offer their games for free. However, Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, spoke out on the matter and claimed he doesn’t have an issue with it. Instead, he sees it as an “investment” that has “proven to be a fantastic success in reaching gamers”.

Pine - Gameplay
Image Credit – Twirlbound

Regardless, the wonderful open-world action-adventure game Pine is completely free right now, and you might as well make the most of Epic Games’ generosity. If you head on over to the Epic Games Store, you can download Pine completely for free and keep it forever. That’s a whopping savings of $24.99/£19.49. Will you be nabbing it for free? Let us know down in the comments below.