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Persona-Like Card Battler RPG, Affogato, Coming Next Year

Developer Befun Studio has announced that their game, Affogato, a Persona-like coffee shop simulator and card battler RPG combo, is coming next year.

If you’ve ever thought that coffee shop management games are lacking a certain je ne sais quoi, then Affogato may be for you. The debut title from Befun Studio is hoping to blend a management sim with a card battler RPG. Frankly, we’ve never heard of a more ambitious and necessary combination. Befun Studio has partnered with publisher Spiral Up Games in order to bring this quirky game to PC next year.

You can check out its official trailer here.

Image Credit – Befun Studio

What Is Affogato?

We feel a better question might be, what isn’t Affogato? In this anime-themed video game, you’ll be taking on the role of the titular Affogato. It’s your job to run a little coffee shop and tend to your customer’s needs.

What does that entail exactly? Jumping into their minds and cleansing them of their pesky inner demons, of course. That’s right, this coffee shop management sim is very Persona-esque. When you’re not managing your shop, you’ll be engaging in reverse tower-defence gameplay.

You’ll have to navigate your characters through tricky arenas by utilising the best cards. All of this is brought together by a gorgeous blend of fantastic 2D sprites and 3D environments. If this doesn’t scream EXCITING to you, then we really don’t know what will. Here’s a handy breakdown of all its best features for those who need it:

  • Run a coffee shop as a magical anime sorceress 
  • Engage with realistic coffee-making mechanics
  • Make friends with six NPCs each with 10,000 words of unique dialogue
  • Help out your customers with their coffee orders and inner demons
  • Plan your day around making friends, running your shop and making the best deck possible
  • Fight enemies in unique reverse tower defence gameplay
  • Utilise your cards wisely to get the upper hand on your foes

Release Date

Affogato is due to come out for PC in 2023. However, for those who simply cannot wait – we don’t blame you – a demo will be made available on July 29th of this year. You can also wishlist the game via its Steam store page to be notified of any future updates.

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