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Pathway Launches Onto The Nintendo Switch Later This Month

Developer Robotality and Publisher Chucklefish has announced that Pathway, their turn-based strategy game about fighting Nazis, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this May.

Pathway is a turn-based strategy game that launched way back in 2019. Garnering 74% positive reviews on Steam, a 7/10 from IGN and a 9/10 from TechRaptor, Pathway went on to receive countless updates from the developer. Now that it is “the best and most complete version”, according to the developer, Robotality and Chucklefish are bringing the title to the Nintendo Switch. Stefan Bachmann, the Game Designer and Coder at Robotality, spoke about how they had always wanted to bring Pathway to the Nintendo Switch, and how it is the perfect fit for the console.

“We’re super excited to be bringing Pathway to the Switch […] From day one we thought the game would be a perfect fit for the console. It took a lot of work to bring the game’s real-time lighting effects and pixel art to Switch, but we’re incredibly pleased with the results. In our opinion, this is now the best and most complete version of Pathway with all the post-release updates, so there’s no better time to jump in!”

Stefan Bachmann ~ Robotality

What Is Pathway?

Pathway is a turn-based strategy game set in 1936. Players will assemble a team of adventurers and set off on a journey of epic proportion. You’ll have to explore temples, ruins and bunkers across the North African desert in search of relics and hidden treasures. But be careful, as lingering not too far behind are fearsome Nazi’s intent on taking them for themselves. Players will encounter difficult story moments throughout their journey and must make tough choices in the heat of the moment. There’s a ton of content to be discovered, all of which is included in the Nintendo Switch version. This includes the new Hardcore and Adventurers Wanted modes. Here’s just some of what you can expect when Pathway launches this May:

  • Assemble your team from 16 unique unlockable characters each with their own set of abilities and “quirks”
  • Play through the 5 different campaigns each with varying difficulty and their own events
  • Make difficult choices throughout your journey with impactful consequences
  • Engage in the exciting turn-based squad combat ensuring to utilise your team’s abilities efficiently to ensure you make it out alive
  • Upgrade your team’s armour and weapons by trading in your loot
Pathway - Gameplay
Image Credit – Robotality

Release Date & Price

Pathway releases this May 27th for the Nintendo Switch. It will cost £12.99/€13,99/$15.99 but currently has a 20% pre-order discount. Head on over to the Nintendo eShop to pick up your copy. Will you be grabbing Pathway for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know down in the comments below.