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Path of Titans: Night Stalker Update Details

Alderon Games are happy to announce that a brand new update for Path of Titans, the Night Stalker, is coming soon.

Unlike most dinosaur games, Path of Titans is a vast MMO sandbox where you can play and unleash your imagination as an actual dinosaur. The game features over 30 dinosaur species, 2 official maps, community modding, and community servers.

With cross-platform and cross-play support, Path of Titans lets you and your friends join forces and explore the game on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC (via their website) and mobile platforms.

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What is the Night Stalker Update for Path of Titans?

The Night Stalker Update for Path of Titans introduces fresh terror and danger to nighttime gameplay. With new skills and abilities like Midnight Hunter and Night Stalker, nighttime encounters will become even more thrilling and enigmatic.

More than ten new and updated abilities will increase the prowess of small and medium-sized carnivores after dark. The Latenivenatrix will be the ultimate predator with its boosted stamina recovery and damage thanks to The Call of the Night Terrors ability.

The Alderon Games team drew inspiration from the African wilderness, particularly the watering holes at night, and this update will turn those areas into hotly contested battle zones with new skills for raptors and aquatic carnivores.

So far, seven species have received remodels and new animations in 2023, with nine species gaining over ten new abilities, and balance adjustments across the 30 species in the game. The Alioramus, Suchomimus, Camptosaurus, and Latenivenatrix have all undergone improvements to textures, animations, and movement, with more character models set to be updated soon.

Path of Titans Night Stalker Update Key Art

When Will The Path of Titans: Night Stalker Update Release?

The Path of Titans: Night Stalker Update releases on May 10th for the closed beta Founder’s Edition, according to an announcement by Alderon Games. As previously mentioned, this update will introduce new skills and abilities for players to experience nighttime gameplay with increased thrills and danger.

Furthermore, in the coming months, Path of Titans will see a range of updates, including combat updates, improved effects, an in-game soundtrack, quests, and more. Those who want to stay informed can visit the Path of Titans website or join the official Discord.

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