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Party Animals Gameplay, Maps, Platforms and Release Date Details

Party Animals, the hilarious, adorable, highly-anticipated co-op brawler, is out now on PC via Steam and Xbox consoles.

Since the overwhelming response during the 2020 demo, Recreate Games has been dedicated to making Party Animals stable and filled with engaging content for the launch. They have focused on expanding the game with additional maps, game modes, and more servers to accommodate the growing community of eager players. Here is everything you need to know about Party Animals:

What is Party Animals?

Party Animals is a co-op brawler that challenges players to master the floppy and unpredictable physics while containing their laughter. Whether you win or lose, the game ensures that frustration takes a backseat to the sheer enjoyment of the experience. It’s an incredibly fun game, and you can check out our Party Animals Review here.

Here is what you can expect from Party Animals:

  • Unique Physics Engine: The game’s completely physics-driven character movements lead to hilariously random encounters.
  • Variety of Game Modes: Party Animals offers numerous local and online multiplayer game modes and maps. From free-for-all skirmishes to objective-based gameplay, players will traverse eclectic environments where anything can happen, such as lollipop warfare between a cute dinosaur and a fluffy shark.
  • Cute Animals: Choose from a diverse cast of adorable animals, customise their appearance, and dive into the cuddle puddle mosh pit.
  • Collect Cosmetic Items: Unlock over 100 cosmetic items, including animals and outfits, by earning in-game currencies or through purchases. These cosmetics provide purely aesthetic enhancements and do not offer any gameplay advantages.
  • Seamless Crossplay: With cross-platform play between PC and Xbox, it ensures that no friend is left behind.

What Maps Are In Party Animals?

Party Animals features 20 maps in three different categories. Here are the maps available at launch:

Last Stand Maps:

In Last Stand, players aim to be the last one standing in these brawl-focused matches. You play in teams of two, free-for-all or teams of four.

  1. Ichiban: Engage in combat on a flat arena enveloped by an encroaching green fog. As the battle unfolds, this fog creeps onto the stage, sapping the life from anyone caught within it.
  2. Typhoon: Battle atop a nuclear submarine that randomly launches missiles. Over time, the submarine gradually sinks, prompting a scramble to higher ground for survival.
  3. Broken Arrow: Wage war on a fighter jet that tilts and sways, with fierce winds intensifying the challenge. As time ticks away, the plane’s surface becomes icy and treacherous.
  4. Winter Is Coming: Clash beside bonfires in a snowy village. Amidst a snowstorm, staying close to the fires is crucial to avoid freezing. As time passes, the fires will gradually be extinguished one by one.
  5. Wind Tunnel: Engage in combat within a wind tunnel, where sporadic gusts threaten to blow players away. Levers within the arena allow players to erect three windshields, but these levers weaken with repeated use.
  6. Black Hole Lab: A laboratory with a large black hole. Even time a black hole occurs, players must cling to heavy objects to resist the pull. Over time, the black holes’ gravitational force escalates.
  7. Beat-Up Bridge: Battle on a deteriorating suspension bridge. The ropes can be severed, and they naturally deteriorate over time.
  8. Gator Valley: Confrontation on a decaying log bridge alongside a waterfall in the shape of a colossal alligator valley. Periodic massive waves can propel the log bridge dangerously close to the cliff’s edge.
  9. Ice Breaker: Engage in combat on a floating ice sheet. Prolonged immersion in the water encases players in ice blocks. Over time, the ice sheet fractures into smaller sections.

Team Score Maps:

Teams of four players compete against each other to achieve specific objectives.

  1. Lollipop Factory: Battle within a candy factory, racing to secure large gummy bears and small candies. Victory hinges on delivering candies to your base while preventing the opponent’s scoring attempts.
  2. Fluffy Redemption: Two teams on parallel trains compete to feed coal into their train’s furnace to accelerate or pull the handbrake on the opponent’s train to hinder their progress.
  3. Into the Game: Earn points in an arcade by participating in a coin-eating game or confront opponents engaged in the same arcade game.
  4. Safely Afloat: Compete to claim safes suspended from floating balloons, scoring points by returning them to your base.
  5. Trebuchet: Score by launching bombs with a trebuchet towards the opponent’s side. Prevent their scoring by deflecting incoming bombs into the water or create chaos by launching yourself to the opponent’s side.
  6. Buzz Ball: Play a basketball-like game where points are earned by tossing an electric ball into the opponent’s goal. Beware, holding the ball for too long results in an explosive surprise.
  7. Beast Hockey: A hockey-inspired game where you use your fists and feet, featuring a puck larger than your character.
  8. Beast Football: An American football-like game with full-contact action and hills on either side of the field.
  9. Beast Soccer: A soccer-inspired game with an unusually large ball, and you can use punches. Similar to Rocket League!

Arcade Maps:

Teams of four players each start with 10 lives. The victor is the team that preserves at least one life while the opposing team loses all of theirs.

  1. Winter Cabin: Engage in a brawl within a winter milk bar. Consuming expired milk grants super strength but may induce dizziness. Beware of staying outside for too long, as it leads to freezing.
  2. Final Destination: Battle in an abandoned subway station, but exercise caution to avoid falling onto the treacherous tracks.
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Release Date and Platform Details for Party Animals

Party Animals is out now for PC, via Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. There is currently no confirmed launch for PlayStation.

The game costs USD$19.99 and can be played cross-platform between PC and Xbox consoles.


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