Black Marketeer in Palworld

Palworld: All Black Marketeer Locations

Players looking to sell their stolen goods or illegal Pals in Palworld will need to find themselves a Black Marketeer. Here’s where you can locate them.

While Palworld is full of cute creatures and stunning vistas, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. We’re not just talking about the rocket launchers you can strap to your Pals’ backs, either. There’s a shady underbelly to Palworld, a world of black market goods and hostages. If you want to take part in that side of the game, then you’ll need to know the location of each Black Marketeer. Below, we explain exactly where to find them and what they’re good for.

All Black Marketeer Locations in Palworld

There are 4 Black Marketeers to find in Palworld, each hiding in a secret location. Here is where you can find each of them:

  • Abandoned Mineshaft – The first Black Marketeer can be found in the Abandoned Mineshaft southwest of the Desolate Church travel point, which itself is west of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate travel point. To access it, drop down the cliff southwest of the Church waypoint and look for a cave entrance surrounded by torches. Head inside, and you’ll find the Marketeer.
The Abandoned Mineshaft Black Marketeer location in Palworld
  • Duneshelter – This Black Marketeer can be found just outside of Duneshelter. To access it, travel to the Duneshelter waypoint, turn right at the entrance, and head around the outer wall. Its exact coordinates are 345, 364.
The Duneshelter Black Marketeer location in Palworld
  • Secret Mineshaft – This Black Marketeer can be found in the Secret Mineshaft, west of the PIDF Tower Entrance and past the Dessicated Desert. The exact coordinates are 496, 340.
The Secret Mineshaft Black Marketeer location in Palworld
  • Mount Obsidian – This Black Marketeer can be found on the beach south of the Beach of Everlasting Summery on Mount Obsidian.
The Mount Obsidian Black Marketeer location in Palworld

What Are Black Marketeers in Palworld?

Black Marketeers are vendors in Palworld that will buy your stolen goods, illegal Pals, and captured humans, as well as sell you rare items such as powerful Pals you can’t get from a regular Pal Trader. They are shadowy, shady figures that wear hooded robes and creepy masks with a perpetual smile on it. Here are some of the Pals that they sell:

  • Ribbunny – 2,958 Gold
  • Jolthog Cryst – 3,049 Gold
  • Killamari – 3,420 Gold
  • Nox – 4,440 Gold
  • Robinquil – 4,612 Gold
  • Vaelet – 5,586 Gold
  • Galeclaw – 6,030 Gold
  • Chillet – 10,350 Gold
  • Incineram – 11,472 Gold
  • Dumud – 11,959 Gold
  • Relaxaurus – 29,184 Gold

That’s everything you need to know about Black Marketeers in Palworld. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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