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Pako Caravan Blends Untitled Goose Game And Snake On Switch This March

Pako Caravan, the quirky-looking title from developer Tree Men Games, is snaking onto the Nintendo Switch this March.

Pako Caravan is a beautiful and intriguing looking title from an indie developer, so you know it’s got me hooked! Blending delightful visuals, reminiscent of Untitled Goose Game, and the gameplay of the classic title, Snake, Pako Caravan seeks to bring fun and joy to our dark, dark times!

Pako Caravan - Gameplay
Image Credit – Tree Men Games

What Is Pako Caravan?

Players will have to navigate their ever-growing caravan of trailers across surreal and exciting landscapes in the hopes of not crashing into themselves. Like in classic Snake, you’ll have to be careful where you go, and the more trailers you accumulate, the harder this will be to manage! Below is a list of features of what you can expect when it releases later this year:

  • Accumulate so many trailers you’ll think you’re an Avengers movie
  • Explore 15 gob-smackingly gorgeous locations
  • Expect sweet rides, hundreds of unique trailers to collect and different game mechanics to spice up each level
  • Complete a whopping 150 tasks
  • Experience the easy to learn, hard to master controls
Pako Caravan - Ferris Wheel
Image Credit – Tree Men Games

Release Date & Price

Pako Caravan is launching on the Nintendo Switch on March 2nd, 2021. It’ll cost you the very tiny sum of €6.99/$7.99, which seems absolutely worth it to me! I’m looking forward to when it eventually drops! Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be picking this one up!

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