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Youtubers Life 2 Receives First Gameplay Footage in 8 Min Video

Youtubers Life 2, the upcoming game about being a YouTuber, has received its first gameplay footage in a new 8-minute video.

In the fresh gameplay footage, UPLAY, the developers behind the game, presented the first look at some of the game’s features. The reveal showcases more details on NewTube City. This will be the first time players will be able to leave their bedroom. This brand new city will skyrocket opportunities for content creation. You can check out the reveal here.

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The video also showed details on the game’s extensive customisation options and how content created videos are put together. You can check out the full list of details below:

  • A look at the extensive character creation tool, which allows players to look however they want and be whoever they want to be, all options open
  • An eye on the decoration options that allow you to completely customise your pad
  • A look at the city that’ll serve as your base in Youtubers Life 2, as well as your connection to the hot new trends perfect for compelling content
  • The shops and entertainment spots you can visit, and the wealth of NPCs you can interact with to shape your story
  • The process of making content that’ll turn you into a YouTube superstar
  • A look at your cute and customisable drone, who follows your progress recording videos for your content as you go
  • The Youtubers Life 2 rankings system, tracking your rise
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What is Youtubers Life 2?

In Youtubers Life 2, the premise is simple. Become the biggest YouTuber in the world. You must make your own channel and decide what content you will cover. You’ll then have to record, edit, and publish videos to gain views and subscribers.

There will also be plenty of places to capture the trendiest content. Across three main neighbourhoods (Downtown, City Hall, and Port), you’ll have access to shops, a cinema, a gym, and even a disco. There is plenty of ways to build your fanbase and it’s up to you to decide how you do it.

You can expect more Youtubers Life 2 gameplay in the coming months. The game will launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch and PC later this year.