Nintendo Switch OLED Model - Feature Image

Nintendo Announced Brand New Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Nintendo has announced a brand new Nintendo Switch model, called the OLED model, which has a 7-inch screen and various other enhancements and will be releasing this August.

Everyone and their mum’s dogs were talking about a Nintendo Switch Pro around E3. It feels like discussion of a more enhanced Nintendo Switch has been floating around the metaphorical water cooler we call life since the moment the original console was announced. Hyperbole aside, a Nintendo Switch Pro has been the most sought after piece of Nintendo tech in a long time. Well, while whether a Switch Pro will ever come to fruition is still on the cards, Nintendo has announced a new variant of the Nintendo Switch. Enter the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model - Console
Image Credit – Nintendo

What Is The Nintendo Switch OLED Model?

While the first innovation of the Switch may have been a cheaper, albeit downgraded version of the base console, the latest model seeks to rectify that. For slightly more than the original Switch, you can get the OLED model. But what exactly are the differences between the Nintendo Switch and the OLED model? Well, here are the differences Nintendo have outlined on their website:

  • Gaze upon the brand-new 7-inch OLED display for improved visual quality
  • Extend your Switch in tabletop mode with a wide adjustable stand
  • Listen to the enhanced audio as you play any of the thousands of games available on the platform
  • Make use of the wired LAN port added to the new sleek dock model
  • Download as many indie titles to your hearts content with the 64gb of internal memory (or just Doom)

Essentially this model will offer a slight visual and audio enhancement on the base model. It has double the amount of storage and offers that LAN port addition. Now you can’t blame Nintendo’s spotty servers when you lose at Smash. For those expecting a more powerful console, or even a 4K display when docked, you might be a little disappointed. The Switch OLED model will remain at 1080p when docked, and likely 720p in handheld.

Image Credit – Nintendo

Release Date & Price

The console will release on August 8th, 2021 alongside the recently announced Metroid: Dread. While outside of the US no price point has been given, in the US it will cost $349.99. For comparison, the base Switch costs $299.99/£279.99/AU$469.95 and the Switch Lite costs $199.99/£199.99/AU$329.95. You can watch the trailer for the new model here.