Xbox Game Pass - ID@Xbox Indie Showcase

New Xbox Game Pass Games Unveiled at ID@Xbox Indie Showcase

The ID@Xbox Indie Showcase premiered today and announced over 100 indie games in a 3.5-hour long marathon event. More importantly, we got a look at the next round of games coming to Xbox Game Pass.

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a video game subscription service from Microsoft for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One consoles, Windows 10, and Android devices (via xCloud). You pay a monthly fee and gain access to an abundance of games. The event even teased some of the games that are already playable on the service, such as Celeste, Haven, Human Fall Flat and Deep Rock Galactic.

Fortunately, a vast majority of the indie games teased at the showcase will be available on day one on the video game subscription service.

You can check out all of the games available as soon as they release on the Xbox Game Pass below:

Xbox Game Pass
Image Credit – Microsoft

Available at Release

  • Art of Rally (Cloud and Console)
  • Astria Ascending (Cloud and Console)
  • Backbone (Cloud and PC)
  • Boyfriend Dungeon (PC and Console)
  • Craftopia (PC and Console)
  • Dead Static Drive (PC and Console)
  • Edge of Eternity (Cloud and Console)
  • Hello Neighbor 2 (Cloud and Console)
  • Library of Ruina (Cloud and Console)
  • Little Witch in the Woods (Cloud and Console)
  • Moonglow Bay (Cloud and Console)
  • Narita Boy (Cloud and Console)
  • Nobody Saves the World (Cloud and Console)
  • Omno (Cloud and Console)
  • Recompile (Cloud, PC and Console)
  • Sable (PC and Console)
  • She Dreams Elsewhere (PC and Console)
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 (Cloud and Console)
  • The Ascent (Cloud, PC and Console)
  • Undungeon (Cloud, PC and Console)
  • Way to the Woods (Cloud and Console)
  • The Wild at Heart (Console)

Unfortunately, many of these games don’t have confirmed release dates, but it is reassuring to know that you don’t have to buy the game on release day.


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