Bodaciously Radical Narita Boy Releases On All Platforms This Spring

Team17 and Spanish-based development studio, Studio Koba, have joined forces to release Koba’s debut title, Narita Boy, a totally rad, 1980s themed adventure game, this Spring for all platforms!

Narita Boy is a 1980s-themed platformer will change the player into a digital champion whose job it is to save the digital world (Digmon, digital monsters), by using their Techno Sword to rectify anything that gets in their way! You’ll be leaping around like a frog across these stunning, neon-soaked, detailed environments, fighting against surreal, nightmarish bosses and overcoming some puzzles (wouldn’t be an old school title without them), all in an effort to discover the secrets of the Digital Kingdom and it’s mysterious creator Kevin Flynn (wait, no, that’s a different game).

Narita Boy - Gameplay
Image Credit – Studio Koba

Narita Boy is a narrative-driven adventure, and from the trailer, I immediately want to figure out its secrets! It looks incredibly captivating and mysterious, and the designs for the monsters and the other inhabitants of the Digital Kingdom look incredible! It’s no wonder that Narita Boy smashed its Kickstarter goals and had over 5,000 people back the game! Narita Boy also has a gorgeous pixel art style and an unbelievably catchy, thumping soundtrack to bop to as you slay those baddies with your sword-shotgun-lasergun-hybrid.

Obviously, this is a day one buy from me, but if you’re not quite convinced, Narita Boy has a demo over on Steam right now! If you do feel the same way as me, then you can head on over to Narita Boy’s Steam store page and wishlist the title there, or wait until it launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (including on Game Pass for PC and Console) to start you “neo-retro-symphonic quest”!

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