Nanoleaf Lines Review: Deep Integration with Tricky Configuration

I’ve dreamed of transforming my gaming room into a vibrant haven with LED lights for quite some time. While acquiring a cheap lighting system is simple, securing a genuinely top-notch display at an affordable price has always been a challenge. Fortunately, the Nanoleaf Lines provide the perfect solution for those seeking a high-quality lighting product worth the price.

The Nanoleaf Lines exemplify the brilliance achievable in a lighting display. Offering three starter options — four-pack, nine-pack, and fifteen-pack of light bars — there’s a diverse range to cater to different preferences. We were fortunate to experience the Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit featuring nine LED light bars, and it was a delight to use.

Nanoleaf Lines Setup and Contents
Nanoleaf Lines Starter Setup and Contents

Design and Features

The compact, eco-friendly Nanoleaf Lines package immediately highlights a premium product. All the structures of the components in the box are easy to find, perfect for those who love organization. The starter kits include everything you need: light bars, connectors, connector covers, power connectors, and power supply.

The Nanoleaf Lines are a distinctive, innovative lighting solution, with each segment measuring approximately 11 inches in length, providing a bright and colorful light display. These lines are modular, and you can connect them at 60-degree angles, allowing you to make different geometric patterns on your walls. The LED bars emit light from both sides, enhancing the overall luminous effect for a more dynamic visual experience. You can use the LED lights for hours without worrying, as they are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Nanoleaf Lines in Room Setup
Nanoleaf Lines in Gaming Room Setup

In terms of color capabilities, the Nanoleaf Lines boast an extensive range of colors with adjustable brightness and saturation. It is promoted as having over 16 million colors available to pick from, and while you can’t count each one, you’ll be struggling to find a color that the Nanoleaf Lines can’t embody.

The versatility of these color options allows users to tailor the ambiance of their space according to their preferences or moods. Additionally, the Lines feature reactive lighting technology, enabling them to synchronize with music or ambient sounds to create a responsive and immersive light show that enhances the auditory experience.

Performance and User Experience

The installation process of the lines is a little tricky but by no means complicated. Per the instructions, having a second person to help in the setup process is definitely recommended. I found that because of the connectors, adhesives, and steps required to join the pieces, you will want to choose the formation of the Nanoleaf Lines before placing them on the wall.

Additionally, the nine-pack has 60-degree connectors for positioning the lines, and in contrast, the four-pack comes with a more restrictive 90-degree line. For this reason, it is essential to identify the type of shape you want to display before purchasing, as this will limit the shapes you can create. While the double-sided tape for mounting the pieces is strong, they offer the ability to mount screws for walls that may be oddly textured or shaped.

App Integration and Configuration

Once you have completed the installation, you can configure and set up the system using the Nanoleaf mobile app or PC app. The Nanoleaf Lines integrate seamlessly with smart home systems like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple Home. Additionally, it can integrate with tools such as IFTTT that allow for finer-grain automation. One of the excellent features for gamers is the screen mirror functionality that works using the Nanoleaf desktop application. This means you can extend the colors on your screen much like the Nanoleaf 4D kit, but all from the app on your PC. However, this hasn’t been without issues.

While I personally haven’t experienced any issues with the app (at the time of writing), there have been reports of connectivity issues. For example, the iPhone app can struggle with connectivity when trying to get the lights to turn on. Ultimately, the most difficult part of the setup was understanding the different configuration settings to set it up the way I wanted. While this setup is more complicated and tricky than I’d expected, it was finally time to sit back and enjoy the lights.

Nanoleaf Lines and Nanoleaf 4D in Gaming Setup
Nanoleaf Lines and Nanoleaf 4D in Gaming Setup

The Nanoleaf Lines’ deep, vibrant colors are visually spectacular and deliver the premium finish you would expect. The versatility afforded by the Lines’ capability to display multiple colors was particularly impressive, especially when experimenting with different shapes. If you’re creative enough with it, you can create some stunning works of art that add significant depth to your room. I also enjoyed the ability to schedule color changes, as it kept the lights feeling consistently fresh.

Value for Money

From a pricing perspective, Nanoleaf Lines are not cheap. They are US$170 / AU$279.99 for the Lines Smart nine-piece kit and US$100 / AU$ 183.99 for the Lines Squared four-piece kit. However, you are getting a premium, high-quality product you won’t regret. Compared to other lighting kits with less configuration or lower quality lights, you will see the difference in Nanoleaf.

If you are looking for a high-quality lighting system to add to the ambiance of your room or gaming setup, the Nanoleaf Lines Starter Pack is a great product to select and one we definitely recommend.

Please note: Game Crater was provided the tech for this review.

Nanoleaf Lines Review
With endless configuration options, design shapes, and truly vibrant colors to choose from, the Nanoleaf Lines excels in customization and integration. However, it's worth noting that the high price and slightly tricky configuration may make it a less viable option for some.
Deep, vibrant colors
Tricky setup