Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners
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Monopoly Go: Hot Rod Partners Event Rewards & Levels

Monopoly Go’s monthly partner event has arrived in the form of Hot Rod Partners, and here are all the rewards and how to finish the event.

Monopoly Go constantly has tournaments and events at every corner, but Partner Events are easily the most popular as they provide the most significant rewards. These events involve people working together to complete a common objective and reap the benefits. The Hot Rod Partners Event is the latest event to join the game, and here is everything you need to know.

Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partner Event Rewards and Levels

From now until March 13, 2024, the Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners Event has five levels that you can reach with up to four different partners. You must complete a car with a partner for rewards, and once you complete four different cars with four different people, you will receive the Grand Prize. Here are all the rewards you can earn during the Hot Rod Partners event.

LevelRequired PointsRewards
12,500200 Dice Rolls
28,500Cash Rewards
321,500Pink Safe:
Cash Rewards
200-300 Dice Rolls
10 Minutes of Cash Boost
448,000Blue Safe:
300-500 Dice Rolls
Four-Star Blue Sticker Pack
30 Minutes of High Roller
580,000Top Prize Safe:
Cash Rewards
400-600 Dice Rolls
Five-Star Purple Sticker Pack
15 minutes of Sticker Boost
Grand Prize320,000
(Finish four cars)
5,000 Dice Rolls
Diamond Dragster token
Wild Sticker

How to Score Points During Monopoly Go Partners Events

To score points in the Hot Rod Partners Event, players will need to land on Wheel tokens on the Monopoly Board and spin the point wheel in the middle of the board. You can earn additional tokens by participating in events and tournaments, as well as completing the daily Quick Wins.

That’s everything you need to know about the Hot Rod Partners Event in Monopoly Go. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles and news on the game.


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