Microsoft Vapor Series: Information, Release Date, and Pricing

Microsoft has enhanced its Design Lab, adding the stylish Vapor Series to its range of customizable controller designs, and here is all the information you need, including release date and pricing.

The Microsoft Vapor Series allows gamers to personalize their Xbox wireless controllers by choosing from various colors and designs for different controller parts, including the body, buttons, triggers, and more. Here is everything you need to know.

Microsoft Vapor Series Controller. Image Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Vapor Series Controller. Image Credit – Microsoft

What is the Microsoft Vapor Series Controller?

Microsoft has expanded the customization possibilities within the Xbox Design Lab by adding the Vapor series to its lineup of controller design options, further broadening the already extensive selection of colors and configurations available to gamers.

Inspired by the style of the previously released special edition Stormcloud Vapor controller, the Vapor series brings a fresh, tie-dye-like look to the Xbox Design Lab. This collection showcases six vivid colors characterized by their swirling designs: Stormcloud Vapor (blue), Dream Vapor (pink), Cyber Vapor (purple), Fire Vapor (orange), Electric Vapor (green), and Nocturnal Vapor (black). Each color scheme is designed to appeal to a wide range of preferences and enables gamers to craft a truly one-of-a-kind controller.

Cyber Vapor screenshot
Cyber Vapor screenshot

The Microsoft Vapor Series Release Date and Pricing

The Vapor series designs are currently available in the Xbox Design Lab and come with an additional USD 9.99 or AU$ 12.95 price tag over the existing default color options.

Furthermore, Microsoft has introduced the Dream Vapor, a special edition controller featuring a subtle pink and purple swirl design. Available for USD 69.99 or AU$ 99.99 on the Microsoft Store, this controller not only enhances your gaming setup’s appeal but also includes an exclusive Xbox Series X/S dynamic background for those who purchase it.

You can purchase the controllers via the Microsoft Store in Australia.