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Marvel Rivals: How to Join the Closed Alpha Test

Marvel Rivals looks to be a serious contender to Overwatch, and many want to play the Closed Alpha; we have you covered on ways to do so.

Players have been experiencing NetEase’s break into the hero shooter genre with Marvel Rivals. The game pits players against one another as Marvel characters from across the Marvel multiverse. However, other players still wish to experience the game for themselves while the Alpha test continues. Fortunately, we have covered the different ways to get a spot in the Marvel Rival Closed Alpha test.

How to Get Into the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test

Currently, players have four different ways to get into the Closed Alpha test for Marvel Rivals. Each method varies, and none of them guarantees entry. Because it is a closed test, the participation numbers are very strict, so it is harder for a broader number of players to get in. However, if you wish to try to get into the Marvel Rivals Alpha, you can try the following methods below.

Official Sign-up for Marvel Rival Closed Alpha

The first method for joining the Alpha is if players sign up for it on the game’s official website. After signing up for the Alpha, they will be notified by email from NetEase if they are selected to be a part of the test. It is recommended that you check your various e-mail folders, including junk and spam folders, to see if you were accepted. A lot of times, both Alpha and Beta test emails are not received in a standard folder and are instead put into a junk or spam folder. Furthermore, even though the Alpha began on May 10, 2024, sometimes the emails get sent late, so ensure you give your folders another lookover.

Content Creator Alpha Key Giveaway

The Marvel Rivals Alpha test is not under an NDA, and therefore, content creators are allowed to stream the game publicly. If you still haven’t had any luck acquiring a code, head over to Twitch and search for Marvel Rivals. Various streamers are playing the game and they are giving away Alpha keys at random during their live stream. Participating in this method is another possible way to get into the Marvel Rivals Alpha.

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In-game Screenshot

Marvel Rivals Discord Server Giveaways

Another way to get a key through giveaways is by joining the Marvel Rivals official Discord server. The Marvel Rivals team is randomly giving away Alpha keys on the Discord server during the testing period. If you want that extra assurance through Discord, turn on your notifications for the Marvel Rivals Discord. That way, whenever the team messages the server, you can be on top of any giveaways as they come in.

Marvel Rivals Friend Invite

Lastly, the most unique way of obtaining a key is by being invited to play the Alpha through a friend who has been accepted to Marvel Rivals. There is a catch, however. Players can only receive the key by being invited by a friend who has reached a rank of six while in the Alpha. Although it is not a high level to achieve, it’s best to know beforehand before setting up an invite. Furthermore, once the player reaches the appropriate rank, they can only send out one Alpha invite key. Afterward, they can earn extra by completing challenges in-game on the Events page. There is a limit for friend invites, although the official number is unknown. Fortunately, the limit is restored daily at 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT/1 am BST/8 am AEST.

That is everything to know about different ways to get an Alpha key to join the Marvel Rivals closed Alpha. If you like this article and wish to see others like it, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.