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Live-Action Thriller, The Gallery, is Coming to PC, Consoles, and Cinemas

Aviary Studios is pleased to announce that their live-action video game, The Gallery, will launch in April on PC, Consoles, and even, cinemas.

Live-action video games (FMV) began in the mid-80s and was labelled as the future of video games. However, by the mid-90s, it died off due to the continual improvement of CGI. Fortunately, FMV has made a small comeback, strongly influenced by the release of Netflix’s Bandersnatch in 2019. Wales Interactive have also put their best foot forward releasing a few interesting titles like Five Dates and Bloodshore.

Furthermore, Five Dates is written and directed by Paul Raschid, who is the same brilliant mind behind The Gallery. Raschid won a BAFTA Scotland for his linear film work (White Chamber) but is now looking to create more work in the FMV genre.

What is The Gallery?

The Gallery is a compelling hostage thriller mixed with social drama. Filming took place over a 6 week period in February and March 2021 and will involve two time periods; 1981 and 2021. Players must face over 150 decisions and one wrong move could be the difference between life and death. In addition, the game will feature an exciting cast that includes George Blagden (Versailles and Vikings) and Anna Popplewell (The Chronicles of Narnia).

In a first for Europe, The Gallery will also release in UK cinemas. Audiences will experience the game by voting on the decision they believe is correct and the majority vote will decide the outcome. This means you might have to see a few times to get the outcome you might have hoped for.

The Gallery will launch this April for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android platforms. It will also appear in UK interactive cinemas.


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