Before We Leave Steam Release - The Game Crater

Before We Leave, The Civilisation-Building Game, Arrives on Steam

Balancing Monkey Games, alongside the developer, Team17, has brought its harmless, civilisation-building title, Before We Leave, to Steam.

Previously released on the Epic Games Store in May 2020, Before We Leave forces players to rebuild a world after a devastating apocalypse. The Steam launch has also introduced a slew of new content to the game. This includes scenarios and weather that affects fatigue, crop growth, and movement speed, and in-game performance updates.

Before We Leave also launches with all the content updates that have come to the game in the year is has been exclusive on the Epic Games Store. This includes:

  • The Kraken Comes – An update bringing submarines, trading ships, the Kraken guardian, and underground shelters.
  • Over & Under – An update rolling out new overlays for better experiences, new UI and UX, new languages, and more.
  • Paving the Way – A visual upgrade, new roads, new resources, new type of Warehouse, new effects, and more.
  • Biomes & Beasties – Three new island biomes, new visuals, inclusion of animals, discoverable secrets, and more.
Before We Leave Steam Release - The Game Crater
In-game Screenshot

What is Before We Leave?

In Before We Leave, you must rebuild a civilisation set in a far distant planet in the universe. Help your settlements thrive by growing, gathering and sharing resources between the hexagonal lands and the nearby planets. It won’t be easy, though. You’ll face plenty of challenges along the way and will need to overcome the challenges your ancestors once forced. Before We Leave features:

  • Build settlements for the newly emerged Peeps.
  • Discover and research the ancient technologies around you.
  • Manage resources, pollution and happiness to avoid the mistakes of your ancestors.
  • Trade between your settlements by sea and by space.
  • Explore six unique biomes on islands of all shapes and sizes.
  • Protect the Peeps from ancient beings that guard the galaxy.

Before We Leave is available to purchase now on Steam and the Epic Games Store for US$19.99/£15.99/AU$28.95. You can save 25% if you pick it up on Steam before the 21st of May, 2021.