Like a Dragon Gaiden Challenge to the Informant Quiz Answers

Like a Dragon Gaiden: Challenge to the Informant Quiz Answers

Like a Dragon Gaiden has a side mission known as Challenge to the Informant with a quiz to do, and we know the answers.

There is a lot of side content within Kiryu’s adventure throughout Sotenbori. While substories have been a key component through the Yakuza series, a change in design has become present in the newest entry by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Below are the answers to the side mission, Challenge to the Informant.

All Quiz Answers for Challenge to the Informant

The mission Challenge to the Informant features six quizzes, each comprising one question about the city of Sotenbori. The substory tasks players with learning about the world around them, but those who haven’t gotten caught up can find the following answers to the quiz:

  1. Question: What’s the shop in Sotenbori that sells okonomiyaki called?
    • Answer: Hiratai
  2. Question: There’s a place in southeast Sotenbori called Ashitaba Park. If ya got a bird’s eye view of it, what shape would it be?
    • Answer: A triangle
  3. Question: Above the entrance to Club SEGA, there’s a billboard of one o’ the seven lucky gods—the warrior-king Bishamonten. What’s he wearin’ on his head?
    • Answer: A helmet
  4. Question: What type of onigiri is not sold at the three Poppo stores in Sotenbori?
    • Answer: Plum
  5. Question: What’s the most expensive booze ya can drink here in Sotenbori?
    • Answer: Black Champagne
  6. Question: There’s a certain karaoke bar in Shofukucho with a woman’s name. It’s called New… what?
    • Answer: Momoko
Quiz 2 Question in Like a Dragon Gaiden
Quiz 2 Question in Like a Dragon Gaiden (In-game Screenshot)

How to Initiate the Challenge to the Informant Substory

The NPC required to start the mission series is located in the southwest area of Sotenbori between Bishamon Bridge and Sotenbori Footpath. The odd man NPC named Quizzy Quester is inside of a building, and she should be easy to find once in the area as the mission notification chevron should be present at the building.

Players can start by doing the first quiz when meeting the man. More questions are unlocked as the player levels up in the Akame Network. The latter can be achieved by completing side quests presented through it; as more are completed, the level is increased. Therefore, the quizzes can be further completed by exploring more of the area and completing substories.

Challenge to the Informant Quiz Rewards

Players receive ¥10,000 for each correct first answer on the quizzes. Therefore earning them a sweet ¥60,000 for participating in them. It is an easy way to earn money for your character in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

The title is filled with many different ways to earn yen throughout Kiryu’s story, and the substories, especially, add to the overarching world in which the player is placed. Also, the unique twist of giving a quiz-style side mission encourages the player to learn more about the world they are playing in and pay close attention to it.

That is all the correct answers for the side quest, Challenge to the Informant. Players curious about Like a Dragon Gaiden, including the different achievements to earn, can visit our Game Guide Hub here.