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Last Stop And Hindsight Announced For The Nintendo Switch

Annapurna Interactive revealed two games coming to the Nintendo Switch including the upcoming supernatural narrative game Last Stop and the brand-new narrative title Hindsight.

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At today’s Indie World Showcase, Annapurna Interactive announced that two new titles would be launching onto the Nintendo Switch in their continued effort to bring their high-brow indie game’s to the platform. They have a huge library of games on the Nintendo Switch including the incredibly popular souls-like Ashen and the critically acclaimed What Remains of Edit Finch.

What Is Last Stop?

The first of the two games announced was Last Stop. It was revealed to be coming to other platforms way back in 2019, so the fact it is coming to the Nintendo Switch will likely please fans. It is being developed by Variable State, whose previous title was the critically acclaimed Virginia. Last Stop is a third-person narrative adventure game set in London and centres around the stories of three different characters. According to the developers, it is “a game about secret lives, the ties that bind and how magic can be found in the mundane.” It releases this July.

What Is Hindsight?

The second game announced was Hindsight. It is an entirely new title by developer Joel McDonald, who is known for his previous mobile game Prune. Hindsight is about a woman who must explore her past in order to come to an understanding of her present. It is a visually stylish title and looks to be an incredibly emotional ride. It is coming out sometime this year, although the release date isn’t set.

What Did You Think?

What do you think of Last Stop and Hindsight? Are you pleased to be getting more narrative-based titles on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know down in the comments below.

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