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Fight Death’s Armies In Kingdom Of The Dead, Coming Early 2022

Developer DIRIGO Games have announced that their horror-themed FPS, Kingdom of the Dead, will be launching into Steam Early Access next year.

The action-packed horror-themed first-person shooter, Kingdom of the Dead, takes players back to the golden age of FPS titles. It aims to blend old school first-person shooter action with its unique black and white pen and ink style visuals. You’ll get to explore its vast and surreal locations all while taking on some creatively designed bosses. This isn’t developer DIRIGO Games first foray into horror or first-person shooters. Over on their page, you can find their previous efforts such as their sci-fi FPS Syscrusher or their first-person cosmic horror title Stowaway.

Kingdom of the Dead - Gameplay
Image Credit – DIRIGO Games

What Is Kingdom Of The Dead?

Kingdom of the Dead is an action-packed horror title that takes the best parts of classic FPS games like DOOM and innovates upon them. You’ll be playing as Agent Chamberlain whose mission is to stop the armies of Death rising up from hell and destroying the world. It sounds incredible and looks even better in the game’s announcement trailer which you can see here. Here is some of what you can expect when Kingdom of the Dead launches into Early Access:

  • Explore psychedelic and surreal environments rendered in a unique and stunning hand drawn black and white visual style
  • Take on Death’s hordes in this modern take on classic FPS gameplay
  • Equip 8 weapons and make your way across 8 “highly replayable” missions
  • Fight over 22 different undead enemies and old school bosses
  • Customise the game’s colour palette and use cheat codes to get a leg up
  • Enjoy the frighteningly never-ending onslaught in the game’s endless gameplay mode
Image Credit – DIRIGO Games

Release Date & Price

Kingdom of the Dead is launching into Steam Early Access in early 2022. So far there is no word on the game’s price. Be sure to head on over to its Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified of any future announcements.

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