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KarmaZoo is Devolver Digital’s New Game for Nice People

Paris-based developer Pastagames and Devolver Digital are teaming up for KarmaZoo, a multiplayer platformer focused on cooperation and connection.

Pastagames, the small indie studio known for creating great games from iconic franchises such as Rayman, Pac-Man, and Arkanoid, has partnered with Devolver Digital, a renowned publisher in the gaming industry, known for publishing indie hits like Cult of the Lamb, Inscryption, and Death’s Door, to bring this exciting title to gamers worldwide. Pastagames also has an incredibly detailed logo that they show off on their Twitter page.

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What is KarmaZoo?

KarmaZoo is a chaotic and joyful platformer, designed for up to 10 players, about fostering cooperation, connection, and just overall being a cool, nice person. With KarmaZoo, players can take control of one of 50 adorable pixelated animal avatars, each equipped with unique abilities to help navigate the game’s levels and challenges. What sets the game apart is its innovative Karma system, where every good deed performed by players earns them Karma, which can be used to unlock new characters for future playthroughs. So, strategic cooperation and selfless acts are key to success in this multiplayer adventure.

The game will feature a few different modes at launch. Loop mode is all about teamwork, as players work together with friends — or make new ones online — to tackle a series of dynamic levels that adapt to team size and character choices. For those who crave a competitive edge, KarmaZoo also offers Totem mode, where up to 8 players can go head-to-head in fast-paced and thrilling minigames, testing their skills and reflexes against one another.

The game’s approachable gameplay makes it enjoyable for players of all levels, and with cross-platform support between PC and consoles, it’s easy to connect with friends no matter what platform they’re on. The quirky emote-based communication system adds a unique and fun element to the game, allowing players to express themselves and coordinate strategies in creative ways. Finally, with support for 22 languages, KarmaZoo welcomes players from all around the world to join in the fun and help their team earn Karma.

Release Date and Price

Currently, there is no set release date or price for KarmaZoo. All we know is that the game will release sometime in 2023. However, you can wishlist the game on Steam now.

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