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Rayman Meets Mega Man in 7 Horizons, Coming Later This Year

RedDeerGames has announced their latest production, 7 Horizons, a beautiful platformer drawing similarities to Rayman and Mega Man.

7 Horizons is an exhilarating platformer with shooter elements set in the unique cosmic world. It contains a beautiful hand-drawn comic book art style, where you can truly become a superhero. The game will be coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X consoles later this year.

You can check out the gameplay trailer here.

7 Horizons Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

What is 7 Horizons?

In 7 Horizons, you play as the shape-shifting protagonist, Jelly, who can take on the forms and skills of people you meet. This talent will help you in your quest across the galaxy to free your mentor and learn the truth about the evil invader, Distortion. Fortunately, you won’t just be playing a Jelly. His friends are also playable characters, each with a different set of skills and weapons.

Throughout the game, you will visit many planets, — I’m going to guess 7 — with each one providing new experiences and designs. Across these worlds, you’ll have to fight monsters and you clear the universe of evil. Each planet will have lots of secrets and enemies to defeat, as well as huge bosses for you to find.

7 Horizons also features stunning hand-drawn graphics. Every biome has been carefully designed to fully reflect the planet’s character. You can check out all of the features below:

  • Many playable characters with different skills and weapons.
  • Many stunning planets to play through
  • Hand-drawn comic book graphics
  • Lots of humour.
  • Powerful enemies, with huge bosses to take on.
  • Many hidden secrets in each world.
7 Horizons Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

7 Horizons will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X consoles later this year. It is available right now to wishlist on Steam.