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Inventory Management Roguelike, Backpack Hero, Coming Soon

The incredibly unique inventory management roguelike game, Backpack Hero by developer Jaspel is coming to Steam Early Access soon.

After raising a whopping $223,893 across 9,346 backers on Kickstarter, the plucky indie roguelike, Backpack Hero has finally finished its long journey to Steam Early Access. Through the unwavering support from fans and the dedicated hard work of indie developer Jaspel, the game will soon launch on Steam. While it intends to stay in Early Access for around 7 months, the game is already packed with content for players to arrange neatly in their respective backpacks.

Backpack Hero - Gameplay
Image Credit – Jaspel

You can check out a gameplay trailer for the game here.

What Is Backpack Hero?

Remember all of those moments you fiddled with your inventory management wondering what the point was? Well, Backpack Hero has finally given purpose to one of the most overlooked mechanics in video game history. In Backpack Hero you’ll have to vanquish your foes by neatly organising your tools. The placement of your weapons and items is crucial, as is how you combine them. Suffice to say, you can unleash truly devastating attacks on your enemies through the correct management of your gear. Currently, the game has an average playtime of over six hours, with 300+ items to collect and 40+ enemies to defeat. There’s a lot on offer here from the outset, so don’t cower away at the sight of the Early Access label. Here is a quick breakdown of the game’s best features:

  • Collect over 300 items to use in combat
  • Arrange your gear strategically to deal massive amounts of damage
  • Embark on an adventure as a variety of fun characters
  • Fight a wide range of challenging opponents
  • Explore randomly generated dungeons

Release Date

Backpack Hero is launching onto Steam Early Access on August 15th. For more information, be sure to head on over to its Steam store page and wishlist it.

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