INMOST, the atmospheric puzzle platformer, gets a physical Switch release

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Super Rare Games is partnering with Chucklefish and Hidden Layer Games to release a physical edition of INMOST on the Nintendo Switch next week.

The physical copy of INMOST goes on sale May 20th at 5 pm GMT, with only 5,000 physical copies available. Each copy of the game will include, a Nintendo Switch game cartridge, interior art, full-colour manual, exclusive sticker, and three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.

You can also get your hands on a SteelBook bundle. This bundle includes a stunning SteelBook, standard case, and slipcover. If you want to pick up a copy, you can head over to and pick up a copy when it releases.

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What is INMOST?

Developed by Lithuania-based indie studio, Hidden Layer Games, and published by Chucklefish, INMOST is an emotional and narrative-driven puzzle platformer. You must uncover the story of a young girl, a stoic knight and a man in search of answers.

Players will embark on a 3-5 hour story that is intended to be played in a single sitting. Moreover, the game follows three characters and will take you across a crumbling, nightmarish landscape as slice through enemies, use traps, and solve environmental puzzles. INMOST features:

The INMOST Nintendo Switch physical edition on May 20th at 5 pm GMT, with only 5,000 physical copies available. You can also pick INMOST up on Steam right now.

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