Biwar Legend of Dragon Slayer Steam Next Fest
Biwar Legend of Dragon Slayer

Steam Next Fest is Back This October, With Hundreds of Playable Demos

Valve has announced its second Steam Next Fest, and it will offer hundreds of playable demos between October 1 and 7.

The first Steam Next Fest happened earlier this year in June and hosted plenty of world-class indie games. This included Toem, a game we recently reviewed. Shortly after the first event, Valve announced that it would host another event in October. Now, we have a trailer to go with it, showcasing some of the featured games.

Steam Next Fest is designed to showcase upcoming games. There are a bunch of free demos on offer, and you can play as many as you want during the event. Right now, there is no exact number on how many demos will be available at the event. However, you can definitely count on there being more games than you can play. Also, if you love indie games, then this event is perfect for you.

Indie developers regularly struggle to promote their games on Steam. So, Steam Next Fest is a brilliant event for players to try out all the games that usually don’t receive the love they deserve.

There is no schedule for the event yet, but if last time is anything to go off, there will be plenty of developer live streams and interviews on all of the games.

Tunic Steam Next Fest
Tunic – Available at Steam Next Fest October

Steam Next Fest begins on October 1 and runs through to October 7. You can set a reminder for the event here.