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Hyper Scape Update Adds Team Deathmatch Party event and Crossplay

Ubisoft has announced that Takeshi’s Team Deathmatch (TDM) Party event is now available in Hyper Scape with exclusive rewards. In addition to this, crossplay is now available across all platforms, and there are new cosmetics and improvements to the game.

Takeshi’s Team Deathmatch (TDM) Party Event

Takeshi’s Team Deathmatch Party event will take place from January 29 to February 9, and is a limited-time event, inviting players to take part in Team Deathmatch battles. I’m sure this new game mode will continue to maximise the rapid and fluent gameplay that Hyper Scape provides.

Meeting certain requirements during the event will net the player with cosmetic rewards exclusive to the event. After players complete any of the challenges, the corresponding item will automatically appear to their in-game Locker. You can see the list of items, alongside their requirement below:

  • Play 5 matches in Team Deathmatch: Get exclusive Weapon Skin – CITY POP RIPPER
  • Win 1 match in Team Deathmatch: Get exclusive Champion Outfit – TAKESHI CITY POP
  • Win 10 matches in Team Deathmatch: Get exclusive Emote – B-BOY
Hyper Scape - Crossplay
Image Credit – Ubisoft


Previously, crossplay was only available to console players. But starting today, PC has joined the mix. This means that all players will be placed in the same global matchmaking pool, regardless of what platform you are playing on.

New Updates

Since launch, Hyper Scape has struggled with aim-assist and Title Update 4 has adjusted it again by decreasing bullet magnetism at mid-to-long range for all projectile weapons.

There will also be updates to individual game modes and matchmaking:

  • Crown Rush Squad and Crown Rush Solo 
    • The player cap is set at 60 per match, with timings for Zone Closing / Decay speeds adapted accordingly.
  • Team Deathmatch
    • Players spawn with a gun and one Hack at the start of the mode, with a randomized initial loadout that will apply to all players.
  • Player Comfort
    • New tiles have been added to the Play portal that displays the activity level for each playable mode.
    • When matchmaking, players now get an estimated lobby waiting time.
  • Arcadium Squad
    • Players can load into the Arcadium training mode as a Squad and use Party chat to communicate with one another. Squad members can also fight and hunt each other across Neo Arcadia.

New Customisation Items

Finally, there will also be new customisable items introduced into Hyper Scape. These include new Champion outfits, melee weapons, deployment pods, and weekly bundles inspired by Watch Dogs.

For more information about Hyper Scape, please visit: hyperscape.com


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