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Horizon Forbidden West Showcases Stunning 14 Minute Gameplay Reveal

Developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment showcased a 14-minute gameplay reveal last night for Horizon Forbidden West.

Announced a little over eleven months ago, Horizon Forbidden West is the highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. First showcased in the PlayStation 5 reveal, Guerrilla games captivated audiences with teaser trailers and a glimpse into the stunning new open-world. However, they were yet to show off any new gameplay. Fortunately for fans, on the 27th of May, we were finally treated to a whopping 14-minutes of gameplay, showcasing just some of what Horizon Forbidden West has to offer.

Image Credit – Guerrilla Games

What Was Shown?

In the reveal, we got to see a brief mission play out. Aloy, the protagonist of this game and its predecessor, is tasked with rescuing Erend from raiders. She traverses across a dense jungle environment, swims deep underwater, fights against some heavily armoured raiders on the beach and comes toe-to-toe with a ginormous Tremortusk. It’s certainly a spectacle to behold, and well worth your time should you have 14-minutes to spare.

There were a few other details we got to see. These included new weapons such as an sling-shot that fires adhesive rounds, some new abilities Aloy can unleash on her enemies, as well as new robots. The new robots we see are the ridable Clawstriders, the aforementioned Tremortusk and a more docile robot called Burrowers. We also get to see some new items that Aloy gets to use. These include:

  • A Diving Mask for Aloy to breath underwater
  • The Pullcaster which acts as a grappling hook
  • The Shieldwing which is a very Breath of the Wild glider
Horizon Forbidden West - Gameplay
Image Credit – Guerrilla Games

How To Watch It?

If you’re yet to see the Horizon Forbidden West reveal, then you can head on over to the PlayStation YouTube channel to check it out or go directly to the video here. It is well worth it, especially if you’re already hyped for the game. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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