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HololiveEN At FAN EXPO Canada Limited Edition: Q&A Recap

Gawr Gura, Amelia Watson and Ninomae Ina’nis make their last stop in HololiveEN’s tour of North American conventions in FAN EXPO Canada. After Orlando, Boston, Calgary and Dallas, Toronto is the last city on their map.

After some Zoom-related technical difficulties, introductions got underway. Amelia Watson presented herself as the “number one detective in HololiveEN. Then, Gawr Gura followed with “half-shark, half-girl.” Finally, Ninomae Ina’nis closed with ‘‘priestess of the ancient ones, still in-training.’’

First, the three girls were made aware by the event’s host about Charles Martinet being the opening act for them and how they felt about it. All three were honoured to have Charles Martinet open for them and regretted not being able to watch it.

The first fan question concerned how the girls keep themselves motivated. “Power”, insisted Gura, “you just need more power.” An answer fitting of a shark, one might say. However, Ame had a more human answer: “Set yourself some goals.” Lastly, Ina elaborated on Ame’s response by giving an example. “I tell myself that I can get cheesecake at the end of the week if I do a good job”, she stated.

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After a year at HololiveEN, a fan inquired which senpai (older member) each girl got closer to. “I feel closer to Roboto-senpai because I like working with her and we might even have some more content come up”, said Ame. Gura explained that she feels “closer to Shion because we always giggle during calls. Our shared sense of humour helps us overcome our language barrier.” On the other hand, Ina feels closer with Lamy because “she feels more like a close friend than a senpai to me since she only started a month before I did.”

Red Superchats

One fan wrote a letter to Gura because she “pulled him into the rabbit hole” of Vtubers. He could relate to her a lot and he has been a fan of hers for a long time. However, he never dared to send her the letter and asked in person at the event whether she would read it on stream if he sent it. Visibly excited and touched, Gura told him “Of course! Send it tomorrow morning.”

HololiveEn Red Superchats
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After that episode, one fan asked how the girls feel about meeting their Canadian red superchats, their biggest donors in Canada. Obviously, the girls were happy about it, but Gura noticed the doubt in the host’s face. “Does MC know what red superchats are?” Gura put the host on the spot. In a surprising turn of events, the host of the event had no idea what red superchats even were. An astute observation from the world-renowned shark.

The Pandemic

Many fans didn’t have questions but rather were expressing gratitude towards the girls during this past year. With the pandemic forcing everyone indoors, these Vtubers were the only social contact they’ve had with the outer world. For some, it’s even a  form of therapy. After all, Vtubers have a human behind them, and their interactions were a blessing for many.

“I feel warm and fuzzy inside when I get to directly interact with fans”, Ina gushed. Ame also enjoyed meeting with fans all over North America. Gura revealed that she often comes to terms with how much she accomplished over the past year. “Sometimes, I’m in the shower or in my bed staring at the ceiling, and I just think to myself; Holy cow, Holy cow!”

HololiveEn Key Art
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The last question of the session was the perennial, “what was your inspiration to start streaming?” Of course, each girl had their own reasons and some shared ones too. All three girls have some form of passion they wanted to share with others. For Gura, it’s rhythm games; For Ame, it’s competitive games; And for Ina, it’s her art. But at the end of the day, they chose to become Vtubers to connect with people and make friends.

HololiveEN will also be taking more questions on Saturday at 6 PM EDT at FAN EXPO Canada: Limited Edition.