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Hipster Cafe: Building Your Hipster Haven – Demo Preview

Steam’s Next Fest is here, and with it comes a plethora of demos from all different genres for everyone to try. Hipster Cafe, from the folk at useful slug, is a great demo that everyone must try during the event.

I was initially interested in Hipster Cafe due to the meta humour within the game. I love self-referential and self-deprecating humour, so a game that pokes fun at itself is always up my alley.

The game begins with the tutorial. Fortunately, like any good tutorial, you can skip it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a good, comprehensive tutorial that covers the basics of the game. Best of all, it does it without getting too tedious – the ultimate in-game tutorials as far as I’m concerned.

Hipster Cafe Screenshot
In-game screenshot

Building Your Hipster Cafe Haven

Hipster Cafe is set in an old warehouse in the rundown part of town. Your job is to turn it into the next great spot that all the hipsters in the world will flock to; until it gets too popular of course. Your tools to do this include a powerful vision, and of course, your parents’ trust fund.

Ultimately, you will need to transform the warehouse into something desirable. From furniture for your patrons to sit to dartboards and DJ setups to keep them entertained, you need to strike the right balance to ensure that everyone is happy. Furthermore, you will need to research new products for your customers to enjoy as well. The demo gives you a good range of products to research, offering the player a good amount of gameplay before it ends.

The best part of the game is easily the food creation. Hipsters are known for their weird and whacky dishes, and this is the heart of the game. The self-referential humour starts to shine through here, as you can create all sorts of weird foods and drinks that will please even the most extreme hipster. Deconstructed burger on a shovel? You know it.

Hipster Cafe Screenshot
In-game screenshot

Hipster Cafe promises to be a fun game. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But what it will do is provide plenty of hours’ worth of fun and laughter. The different modes of research will mean you can have several playthroughs without having the same experience, and the hidden jokes will provide you with plenty of new easter eggs each time you play.

I definitely recommend giving this game a look during Steam Next Fest. You can check out the demo on the Steam page, and wishlist the game ahead of its April 2022 release.