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Dark-Comedy Colony Sim, Hell Architect, Launches Onto Steam Today

Published by Leonardo Interactive and developed by Woodland Games, the dark-comedy colony sim, Hell Architect, launches onto Steam today.

Hell Architect is the latest title by indie publisher Leonardo Interactive. Their recent efforts include Seed of Life and Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town, both of which were very well received. Its developer, Woodland Games, is working on numerous titles currently. However, they have previously published two games on the Nintendo Switch, I Wanna Fly and Scrap. Hell Architect has been around for a few months now in the form of a free prologue. It has garnered favourable reviews with 82% of the 664 reviews being positive.

Image Credit – Woodland Games

What Is Hell Architect?

Hell Architect puts the player in the role of an architect of Hell. You must find creative – and frugal – solutions for running your little slice of Hell. This includes creating new prisons for the various souls the wander into the depths of Hell as well as accommodating the rather picky demon VIPs. Making sure to utilise each souls’ unique traits and abilities to get the job done is key. Additionally, you’ll have the task of researching buildings to help you improve Hell as best you can. You’ll do all of this under the watchful eye of Lilith from HR, who will be making sure you don’t mess up. Here’s some of what you can expect in Hell Architect:

  • Design the most sadistically brilliant levels of hell in the 9 mission single player campaign, or eternally perfect your own Hell in the sandbox mode
  • Research new buildings to swankify your Hell and help make the pleasantly awful stay of your souls that much more masochistic
  • Use your lost souls and their unique traits to harvest resources and expand your Hell
  • Torture your souls however you see fit
  • Play as some of history’s most infamously despicable sinners each of whom possess special abilities to help you with your hellish endeavours
Hell Architect - Gameplay
Image Credit – Woodland Games

Release Date & Price

Hell Architect launches today for Steam and GOG. You can pick it up for £19.49 / €22.99 / $24.99 with a day one 15% off discount. Alternatively, you can check out the free prologue if you’re still unsure.