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Create & Share Your Own Heists in Heist Simulator, Coming This Year

Publishing label No More Robots in partnership with developers SkyBagel and RogueCode have announced the bank job strategy game, Heist Simulator.

No More Robots are best known for publishing the incredibly popular Descenders, the royalty management sim Yes, Your Grace and the deck-building game Nowhere Prophet. Now, they’re taking a crack at the heist sim genre with the aptly named Heist Simulator. The developers behind Heist Simulator are mostly new, with it being SkyBagel’s debut title and RogueCode’s sophomore game. RogueCode’s previous efforts include the “world’s best mass llama-slaughter roguelike-lite-ish couch co-op top-down twin-stick shooter” game Vicious Attack Llama Apocolypse.

Image Credit – SkyBagel/RogueCode

What Is Heist Simulator?

Heist Simulator is a “bank job strategy game” in which you can create, play and share your own heist scenarios. Using the game’s full level creator, you’ll be able to plan out the perfect heist locations, packed full of obstacles for your heistees. There are thousands of props, decorations and interactables for you to place in your hand-crafted locations. Once you’re done building it’s up to you to craft the perfect plan. Utilise your team efficiently to execute the heist, and then watch it take place in real-time. Here is some of what you can expect when Heist Simulator launches later this year:

  • Build a variety of locations for you and other players to explore using a library packed with over 8,500 assets
  • Craft the perfect puzzles and traps to outwit other players
  • Populate your worlds with various NPCs and other interactive elements
  • Make the most of other player created levels and campaigns for unlimtied heist related content
Image Credit – SkyBagel/RogueCode

Release Date & Price

Heist Simulator is coming to Steam and Stadia later this year. According to the publisher, console releases will occur at a later date. There is currently no word on the price. Head on over to Heist Simulator’s Steam store page to wishlist and be notified of future updates.

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