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GTA Online Weekly Details: January 11-17

Players in GTA Online get to use different bonus events and discounts each week. Here is everything for January 11-17.

GTA Online continues to expand over the years, with the online mode receiving a brand-new update in December of 2023. As each new week passes, players can load into Los Santos, purchase vehicles on discounts that rotate weekly, and take part in events that reward extra GTA$ and RP. Below is everything available for this week in GTA Online.

New Content in GTA Online

  • Albany Cavalcade XL (GTA$ – 1,665,000)

Bonus GTA$ Opportunites This Week

  • Community Series Jobs (x3 GTA$ and RP)
  • Drop Zone – Adversary Mode (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Tow Truck Services (x2 GTA and RP)

GTA Online Weekly Discounts

  • Enus Cognoscenti 55 – Armored (30% Off)
  • Invetero Coquette BlackFin (30% Off)
  • Ocelot Locust (30% Off)
  • Vysser Neo (30% Off)
  • Double Barrel Shotgun (40% Off, Discount available at Gun Van)
  • Crowbar (40% Off, Discount Available only for GTA+ members at the Gun Van)
GTA Online Gun Van
Gun Van, Image Credit – Rockstar Games

Weekly Cars Available to Purchase in GTA Online

Simeon’s Showroom

  • Enus Cognoscenti 55 – Armored (GTA$ – 396,000/Discount – 277,200)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Invetero Coquette BlackFin (GTA$ – 695,000/Discount – 486,500)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Übermacht Zion Cabrio (GTA$ – 65,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Vulcar Warrener (GTA$ – 120,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Western Wolfsbane (GTA$ – 95,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week

Luxury Autos Showroom

  • Albany Cavalcade XL (GTA$ – 1,665,000)
  • Fathom FR36 (GTA$ – 1,610,000)

Hao’s Time Trial Ride

  • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag (GTA$ – 976,000/2,426,000 with HSW Conversion)

Diamond Casino Podium Vehicle

  • Lampadati Tropos Rallye (GTA$ – 816,000)
GTA Online Car Meet
LS Car Meet, Image Credit – Rockstar Games

GTA Online – LS Car Meet

Prize Ride Challenge

  • Place Top 2 in the LS Car Meet Series for three days consecutively.
    • Prize: Enus Paragon R

Car Meet Test Rides

  • Dinka Jester (GTA$ – 240,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Ocelot Locust (GTA$ – 1,625,000/Discount – 1,137,500)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Vysser Neo (GTA$ – 1,875,000/ Discount –
    • * Unavailable again after this week

GTA+ Membership Benefits for GTA Online

  • Albany Cavalcade XL (Free)
  • Blue Rainbow Flip and Off-White Pearl Chameleon Paints (Free)
  • Off-White Pearl Chameleon Wheel Paint (Free)
  • Rockstar Atomic Logo Sweater, Western MC Jacket and Pants, New Year’s Jacket and Pants (Free)
  • Vinewood Car Club Garage with 100 vehicle spaces (Free)
  • Salvage Yard Tow Truck and Wall Safe Upgrades (40% Off)
  • LS Car Meet Rep (x2)
  • LS Tourist Board Wildlife Photography Rewards (x1.5)
  • Drift Tuning Upgrade (20% Off)
  • Gun Van location (Always on the map)
  • Taxi Services (Free)
  • CEO/VIP Abilities (Free)
  • GTA$ ($500,000)
  • Vinewood Car Club with the following vehicles to test drive and purchase with an exclusive discount:
    • Albany Cavalcade XL
    • Declasse Scramjet
    • Pegassi Toreador
    • Bravado Buffalo STX
    • Vapid Aleutian
    • Karin Asterope GZ
    • Coil Cyclone II
    • Benefactor Stirling GT
    • Ocelot Ardent
    • Enus Cognoscenti

The above content is everything included for this week’s refresh in GTA Online from January 11-17. Anyone wanting more information on the game can cruise to the Game Hub for further details.


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