Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC – PS5 Review

When Ghost of Tsushima launched a little over a year ago, I, alongside countless others, was left astonished. Ghost of Tsushima quickly became one of PlayStation’s greatest games and the Iki Island DLC fits into the game seamlessly. It almost feels like it could have been there all along. While there aren’t many notable differences, more of the same brilliant game is never really a bad thing.

The Iki Island DLC begins like any problem on Tsushima Island; an unusual Mongol invasion. This time, it seems a little different, and soon, you uncover that the new Mongol threat is already threatening a nearby island, and it won’t be long before they invade Tsushima. So, Jin, as any main protagonist would, sails to the Island to investigate.

Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC Screenshot The Eagle
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It’s not long before you’re introduced to “The Eagle”, the leader of the latest Mongol threat. The Eagle captures and poisons Jin, causing him to hallucinate and reminisce about his past, and most notably, his father. Kazumasa Sakai is the main focal point of the Iki Island DLC, and it makes you question how you managed to play the base game without it. The narrative feels absolutely essential, making it almost impossible to overlook.

“Iki Island does attempt to shake things up in the way of Ghost of Tsushima’s already excellent combat.”

Just like the base game, the drop-dead gorgeous landscape of Ghost of Tsushima takes centre stage. It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo, and everywhere you look, there is a photo waiting to be taken. The PlayStation 5 completely elevates the game to another level. On top of this, there is close to no load times between fast travelling, making Ghost of Tsushima truly feel like a next-gen game.

Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC Screenshot Monkey
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The main island of Tsushima presented itself with wide-open spaces and activities scattered throughout. This is very much more of the same in Iki Island. Bamboo Strikes, Haiku’s, Hot Springs, Pillars of Honor, Lighthouses, and a Shinto Shrine have all returned, but there are a few new experiences to be had. Fortunately, there are now animal sanctuaries, which after playing the flute to a monkey, cat or deer, you can pat them. Obviously, this is the biggest part of the game because who wouldn’t want to pet animals in their spare time. Archery Contests are also a new part of Iki island. Unfortunately, with the correct gear, these proved to be incredibly easy. You can also remember the history of your father through reliving memories on the island. Luckily, the additions to the island are a nice change of pace from the original, so it never felt repetitious.

“The Iki Island DLC feels like an essential part of Ghost of Tsushima.”

Iki Island does attempt to shake things up in the way of Ghost of Tsushima’s already excellent combat. The Shamen is a new enemy who isn’t really different from any of the other characters in terms of combat. However, when they aren’t in combat, they sing a song, providing a buff to enemies around you. Additionally, some enemies can now change their stance midway through a fight. This means enemies can start a battle with a sword and shield and switch to a spear later in the fight, forcing you to switch your stance to combat their attacks. As the crowds of enemies swarm you, both of these new elements keep you on your toes and stop the game from becoming a slog.

Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC Screenshot
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Overall, the Iki Island DLC feels like an essential part of Ghost of Tsushima. In saying that, the amount of content you receive might not justify the price. For just under AU$45, you are given a DLC with around 10 hours of content and an upgrade from the PlayStation 4 version to PlayStation 5. Those who want more of the same Ghost of Tsushima gameplay will be over the moon. However, those who wanted something fresh might need to wait until Ghost of Tsushima‘s inevitable blockbuster sequel.

You can check out our review of the base game here.

Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC Screenshot Cherry Blossoms
Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC Review
The Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC is more of the same stunning game we got a little over a year ago. There are new activities, enemies and quests. However, those who are after an entirely new experience will have to wait.
Challenging Combat Elements
Strong, Engaging Narrative
Stunning Landscape
Not A Lot of Changes
High Price Point