Flutter Away Capibara called Capibarbara

Flutter Away PC Review: It’s Not All Sunshine And Rainforests

Cozy games provide unique escapes, transporting you to another world and causing you to forget all your troubles. Many games, like Beasts of Maravilla Island and Alekon, successfully deliver fantastical photographic locations with unwavering immersion and unrivalled detailing. Flutter Away, by New Zealand-based indie developers Runaway Play, aims to provide the same whimsical adventure, but doesn’t quite provide players with the same experience compared to other games in its genre.

Flutter Away is a gorgeous game that invites players into a captivating rainforest teeming with vibrant flora, plenty of butterflies and wildlife, and a heartwarming journey to befriend a cute capybara named Capibarbara.

As you venture through this overgrown world, your main objective is to take photographs of 15 different species of butterflies over the course of five days, learning about each one in the process. Fortunately, there is plenty of other wildlife hiding amongst the forest for players to discover and snap.

Flutter Away is A Very Short Game

Flutter Away‘s aesthetic is undoubtedly its standout feature. The rainforest provides a breathtaking escape from the real world, with the weather altering day-to-day. The peaceful fluttering of butterflies, combined with the playful antics of Capibarbara, creates an endearing atmosphere that’s hard to resist. Sometimes, it’s nice to just be whisked away to another world, and Flutter Away manages to provide the perfect getaway.

However, while the visually, engaging environment is undoubtedly a highlight, the game falls somewhat short in terms of its length and depth. The adventure feels a tad too brief to fully establish the immersion that players may have experienced in many other cosy titles. This, in turn, affects one of the most divisive aspects of Flutter Away: its pricing.

While the game is undeniably stunning, the fact that it can be completed within an hour might raise eyebrows for some players, given its cost. While quality over quantity is a valid argument, the briefness of the game might leave players wondering if they’ve truly gotten their money’s worth. Flutter Away will cost players US$12.99 / AU$19.49, which in my opinion, is a little too much for a game that provides little replayability.

“Flutter Away is undeniably a lovely adventure.”

Furthermore, one of the game’s missed opportunities lies in its ease of play. The challenges presented are relatively easy to overcome, which, while appealing to casual gamers, may leave more experienced players feeling a little bored. With only a handful of different tracks in the rainforest, there was no objective that took more than a couple of minutes to complete, and, sometimes, completing one objective quickly led to all daily challenges being completed. A bit more complexity or variety in the tasks could have added additional layers of intrigue and excitement, elevating the overall experience.

Flutter Away offers a fascinating glimpse into a rainforest wonderland, with charming butterflies and an adorable capybara. The game’s visual beauty is undeniable, and the concept of capturing butterflies provides a relaxing adventure for all players. However, it’s short duration and straightforward challenges may leave players yearning for a deeper and more explorative experience. While Flutter Away is undeniably a lovely adventure, its price point might generate hesitancy for players wanting a worthwhile adventure.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on PC, code was provided by the Publisher.

Flutter Away Capibara called Capibarbara
Flutter Away Review
Flutter Away provides a great cosy rainforest escape with plenty of interaction between wildlife and flora. The game is short and a little more costly than other games in its genre, making it hard to justify for players wanting a long immersive adventure.
Beautiful Rainforest
Adorable Capybara
Basic Challenges
Short Game
High Price-to-Length Ratio
Above Average

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