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Final Fantasy VII: Aeris’s Music Box

If you’re a collector of Final Fantasy merchandise, then you know exactly what Aeris’s Music Box is. This item is the holy grail of loot.

Released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII stood the test of time, and a lot of people still hold the game in high regard, even long after the game was said and done. Aeris’s Music Box showed the kind of impact one game could do. Even six years after the initial release, there was still a need, a thirst for fans to get another slice of the world of Gaia.

A Form of True Beauty

The Curuprixa wooded music box, created in 2003, has 3 parts and 50 different tones. Unlike standard music boxes, which have just 18. Only 80-100 boxes are known to exist, making it extremely hard to get your hands on. The Aeris’s Music Box has a golden plaque that states, “Aeris’s Theme”, and it also displays the allocated, limited edition number.

Now with Final Fantasy VII Remake being at the forefront of gaming, it’s safe to say fans will be champing at the bit to get their hands on it. As the more time passes, the rarer it gets. And old and new fans alike are going to be wanting to get their hands on it.

If you search around on the internet, there are a few exciting things that sprout. It is speculated that the company went bankrupt in the middle of production, which is how they became so limited. Some sources also claim that there was meant to be 1000 made, although that seems to be lacking any proof.

The video below gives you a further and more in-depth look at Aeris’s Music Box. It captures the true essence and beauty of Aeris’s theme from the masterful mind of the one and only Nobuo Uematsu.