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Fight the Infection in VORAX, Coming in 2024

Developer IndieGala is pleased to announce that its upcoming open-world survival horror title, VORAX, will release in early 2024.

This is not IndieGala’s first game by any means nor is developing games their only market in the video game industry. Instead, IndieGala doubles as a digital storefront that sells other games, similar to Fanatical. Furthermore, their previously developed game, Die Young, changed all the usual tropes for horror games. Instead, of being isolated in darkness with only a single weapon to survive, Die Young takes place on a sunny, vibrant Mediterranean island where the horrors are clear to see, making you an easy target. Some of these similarities can also be seen in VORAX.

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What is VORAX?

Drawing inspiration from classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, VORAX immerses players in a first-person nightmare, as they navigate a dangerous and eerie island filled with unknown horrors. With minimal equipment and supplies, players must explore the island, gather resources, and craft weapons and tools to defend themselves against the infected threat.

In VORAX, players will step into the shoes of a mercenary sent to a Mediterranean island, where a mysterious pathogen has infected the local population. What starts out as a simple mission quickly turns into a fight for survival as players must battle against infected creatures, scavenge for resources, and try to escape the island alive.

One of the most intriguing features of VORAX is the ability to build and defend a shelter. Players must gather materials and craft barricades and traps to fortify their base and protect themselves from the infected. With hundreds of items to collect and craft, players must make strategic decisions to survive.

The island itself offers a diverse range of locations to explore, from abandoned urban homes to dark caves and sewers. Each area holds valuable resources and items but also poses new threats in the form of infected creatures. With forty main quests planned for the final version of the game, players will not only fight for survival but also uncover the mysteries surrounding the VORAX virus and the island’s backstory.

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Image Credit – IndieGala

What Can You Expect?

The key features you can expect are:

  • An extensive and detailed game environment
  • Urban areas, sewers, caves, and various different areas to explore
  • Unique enemies with varying patterns of attack
  • A special and realistic tactical helmet with military HUD
  • Building barricades, fences and traps to fortify the base.
  • Craft tools and weapons
  • Hunting and cooking food
  • Treat wounds and other injuries
  • A wide array of both conventional and non-conventional weapons
  • A day-night cycle and dynamic weather
  • Unique stress and sleep mechanics

If you’re a survival horror fan, VORAX is a game to keep an eye on. With its unique features and intriguing storyline, it promises to be an unforgettable and thrilling experience for players.

VORAX is currently in development and players can wishlist the game on Steam to stay up to date with updates. The official Discord server also offers a platform for players to discuss strategies and connect with fellow mercenaries.


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