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Everything Announced During The 9th September PlayStation Showcase

Sony Interactive Entertainment held a PlayStation Showcase today that featured highly-anticipated titles and surprise announcements.

What Was Announced?

When PlayStation announced that they’d be holding a PlayStation Showcase for upcoming PlayStation 5 games, pretty much everyone and their dogs began offering their thoughts on what would be revealed. Some thought Uncharted 5 or its upcoming multiplayer game would be announced. Others simply wanted to see gameplay for the upcoming God of War sequel. Regardless, without spoiling too much just yet, a lot was announced at tonights show. In fact, so much that watching the whole event might be a little too strenuous for some. Fortunately, that’s where we come in with our handy dandy list compiling absolutely everything that was announced. So, sit back, relax, and read on for everything that was announced at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase.

Image Credit – Square Enix

The Announcements

  • It was announced that a Knights of the Old Republic Remake will be coming to the PlayStation 5 via a brief CG trailer. The tagline for the trailer was “A legend remade for PS5”
  • The Devil May Cry 5/Ultra Age-esque hack and slash, Project Eve got a lengthy story and gameplay trailer. It looks to be a frantic action game set in a post-apocalyptic world with freaky aliens that look slightly Bayonetta in design
  • We got an in-depth look at the world, characters and general gameplay of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. It will launch on March 25th 2022
  • Forspoken finally received a more indepth story trailer detailing more of the world and lore surrounding its mysterious setting. It is set to arrive in Spring 2022.
  • Rainbow Six Extraction got another gameplay showcase. That’s launching in January 2022
  • The original Alan Wake is coming to PlayStation for the very first time. Simply titled Alan Wake Remastered, it is set to launch on October 5th for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • It was announced that GTA 5 will be coming to the PlayStation 5. It is set to launch with improved graphics and enhanced gameplay. Additionally, GTA Online will also be coming to the PlayStation 5. They are launching on March 22nd.
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo received an action-packed story trailer that featured a lot of action/horror gameplay
  • Guardians of the Galaxy got a humerous story trailer that also showcased some more of its third-person action. It is coming on October 26th with preorders available now

The Announcements – Part 2

  • Bloodhunt will be coming to the PlayStation 5 sometime this year. We got a lengthy look at its general gameplay and various factions
  • Deathloop got a trailer likely to hype up its launch just four days from now. We got a general overview of both its story and gameplay. It is launching on September 14th. Additionally, preorders are available now
  • A brief cinematic trailer dropped for Radiohead and Epic Games’ collaboration titled Kid A Mnesia Exhibition. It is coming this November for PlayStation 5
  • The absolutely gorgeous Tchia received an indepth story and gameplay trailer
  • Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are being remastered for both the PlayStation 5 and PC
  • Insomniac Games announced that they are developing a game based on the Marvel character Wolverine simply titled Wolverine. It is in development for PS5
  • We got a trailer for Gran Turismo 7 showcasing its stunning visuals, car customisation, photomode and general racing gameplay
  • Spider-Man 2 was announced with a CG trailer. It showcased both Miles as well as Spider-man. Additionally we got a quick glimpse at Venom. However, it isn’t arriving until 2023. It will launch exclusively for PlayStation 5
  • Finally, God of War: Ragnarok received a trailer showcasing its story, world and gameplay
PlayStation Showcase - Spiderman 2
Image Credit – Insomniac Games

What Did You Think?

There were certainly a lot of surprise announcements made at today’s PlayStation Showcase. Were you excited by any of the returning franchises, or perhaps even the new IPs? What was your favourite announcement of the showcase? Head on over to our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to tell us what you thought.