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Enraged Red Ogre: Gameplay, Nintendo Switch Release Details

Enraged Red Ogre is a new indie 2D Feudal Japan adventure with an upcoming release date for the Nintendo Switch.

Based in Spain, Akaoni Studio was founded in 2009 and published its first hit for the Nintendo Wii, Zombie Panic in Wonderland. The studio would go on to develop updated versions of the game on iOS and Android.

Akaoni Studio also helped to publish other indie titles such as Demon’s Crystal on iOS in 2016 with StarCruiser Studio. As well as Beekyr Reloaded on Nintendo Switch in 2018 with Kaleido Games.

Enraged Red Ogre Screenshot in Snow
In-game Screenshot

What is Enraged Red Ogre?

Enraged Red Ogre is a 2D pixel-art-style adventure that tells the story of Akaoni, a red ogre with an extremely short temper.

Throughout the land, yokai are growing in numbers and causing chaos. Akaoni takes it upon himself, in a rage, to defeat the yokai and head out on a journey in search of his long-lost friend, Aooni.

Players can expect the following throughout the adventure:

  • Fantastical Setting: Embark on a journey in a land inspired by Feudal Japan with a mythological twist.
  • Alternate Paths: Obtain unique relics that open new paths and create a story with no linear path.
  • Great Movement & Combat: Utilize running, jumping, dashing, and a bash to maneuver through levels, while also completing combos to defeat your yokai enemies.
  • A World to Explore: Explore the world at your speed and search for upgrades to improve Akaoni over 9 unique levels.
  • A Friend in need: Akaoni can team up with the spirit Blu to absorb enemy power and overcome obstacles.

Release Date and Price Details

Enraged Red Ogre is heading to the Nintendo Switch in Q4 2023.

Currently, there is no price for the game.


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